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hostolis 2013年4月16日下午1:59
OSX support. How soon?
I already have the game but I really want to buy it again as a gift for a friend of mine who is a mathematician and he will greatly enjoy it. Unfortunately, he only uses OSX machines.

I know that the developer has said that OSX will be actually supported, but how soon?

If I buy it now and keep it in my inventory, will it be redeemed/work on OSX machines when it becomes available or will I have to buy the specific OSX version?
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King of Miso 2013年4月16日下午4:46 
Bought it as well, but I use Mac. (I use Wine and also have another Windows PC - I'm not stupid) but, I hope that the Mac version will be downloadable whenever it comes out - if we bought the PC version on Steam :/
hostolis 2013年4月17日上午7:57 
Alexander Bruce, I would really like a feedback on this please.
Talash 2013年4月17日上午8:19 
I'd like to know this as well. If we'll eventually be getting OSX support on steam, then I'd definitely buy a copy right now to give to someone later once support is added.
hostolis 2013年4月17日上午9:05 
Alex just responded to my tweet, he said we should actually wait for an OSX version.
Talash 2013年4月17日上午10:12 
Aww okay. Thanks for the followup hostolis.
MrPurplePandaz 2013年6月21日下午3:51 
Actually wait for OSX version?? It has almost been half a year since it was released...
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