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Drix 2013年4月5日 14時54分
Steam Workshop
Does anyone else think that this game should work with workshop and custom maps? After finishing the main game their is not much else to do but find the eggs and there isn't much replay value other than speed runs.
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Sirmi 2013年4月5日 15時06分 
I second that.
cyanic 2013年4月5日 15時26分 
Meh. Is the point making people download UDK?
Bam191 2013年4月19日 19時00分 
Custom maps would be pretty cool, but think about how hard the stuff in the this game was to make, it was really complicated with all of the portals and look-away transformations and stuff, I doubt many people would make use of the workshop at all. You would require a loooot of free time just to learn how the devs did it :P
Kwisatz Haderach 7月3日 7時26分 
Even so, @Bam191, some people would love the challenge and have the free time. It wouldn't hurt to have the option for the few that can actually do something.
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