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rithe Apr 4, 2013 @ 12:00pm
FIXED: Problem with crash, should work with AMD APU's guaranteed!
Any users with ATI/AMD APU's having trouble starting the game (crashing at startup) should first try updating physX to it's latest version here:
Should that not help, run the file you downloaded to update the driver and this time chose 'remove' from the options you're given. Make sure NOT to re-install PhysX.

Why this works: the PhysX engine is incompatible with ATI/AMD APU's, as it cannot be handled on an AMD graphics card and since the graphics and processing are integrated into eachother, it also cannot default the physics over to the CPU. By removing the PhysX engine, your computer instead uses its own built in physics, resulting in the game working seamlessly!

NOTE: The game will be a black screen for a short amount of time after the unreal logo passes, but don't panic, this is simply the game loading.

All that said, have fun!
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jamiethewelshgit Apr 4, 2013 @ 1:44pm 
Neither work for me... But them I'm using intel (hd) graphics on a lenovo laptop... :(

Thanks anyway.
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cyanic Apr 5, 2013 @ 10:29am 
PhysX redists are also shipped with the game itself, though in two versions.
rithe Apr 5, 2013 @ 11:41pm 
Originally posted by jamiethewelshgit:
Neither work for me... But them I'm using intel (hd) graphics on a lenovo laptop... :(

Thanks anyway.

Its very possible that your system simply cant run the game, most intel hd graphics chipsets are integrated with the processor and are generally not very good
jamiethewelshgit Apr 6, 2013 @ 9:27pm 
...then there woudlbe another error than an error installing.. This game actually USED to work before the update about 5 weeks ago.

Also, it plays Alan Wake and Half-life2 with no problems, and they are much heavier on effects than antichamber!
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