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Hate or Love ??!! No spoilers here
I hate this game....MMmmm Noooo....LOVE IT! I've spent countless hours so far with the bent content, and it is totally killing my brain cells and I'm totally loving it....EVERY SINGE TURN....If there was ever a game worthy of DLC content this would be it. I would buy content for this game for a while. I bought this because it just looked like it was old school fun. I had no idea it would make me want to see what was next. Thank you for keeping me up for hours and I'm going to be late for work LOL.

The only thing that is either wrong, or I have not been able to use it is the timer. Is that a bug, or is that for later in the game?

Hate or Love of a game in my opinion is the time and energy that someone or a good team has put together for others to play. I can tell that some time has gone in to this, and it shows, and that is why I LOVE this game to just down right make me use my head for more than a hat rack.
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I'm feeling mixed. It seems to me there isn't a lot of replayability. Once you know the solution, the only thing to go for is solving it faster.

As for the timer, once it reaches zero, it's done. It doesn't do anything else.
You know that you love a game when it makes you hate it (SMB, TBOI, BL2).

About the timer, if you have played more than two hours (which I assume you have according to yourself), you can see It's another "lesson" the game teaches you. Read the image.
I should have known this simple lesson too....and it yet it still escaped me. I've played somewhere around 3-4 hours, and yet I still go back to try different things. Sometimes it works very well, and then there are the other times it really makes me want to well pull out my hair.

There are not too many games around that make you look at how most other games actually play. I thought that was a simple but very effective way to design a game. This one did it, and they didn't have to do any type of voice acting, or story that in most games are just not long enough, or flat out boring....Go here, get item, kill this or that, and collect the reward. Ths game my reward was to move a little bit further. I would probably get more done on it if I played for more than 10-15 minutes at a time, but that is really all I can spare to play because of work. In those 10-15 minutes I get more out ot this than a $50 game could. Don't get me wrong there are some really cool games out there, but when one wants to just kick back and try someting new I would recommend this to anyone, just for the type of game play that I have not found in any other game.

Thanks for the help with the timer too. Like I said, I should have learned my lesson shortly after I played for a little bit....Thanks and Cheers :)
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1-3 / 3 のコメントを表示
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