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Sir Acha, the Spicy 2013年3月25日 18時22分
Beating the game with the wrong gun
Very slight spoilers.

I didn't know there was a red gun and just muscled through with the yellow, not realizing how much easier the red gun makes it. I like how I wasn't forced to go searching for something I didn't know existed to beat the game - really well designed mechanics.

Anyone else beat the game with the yellow/green/blue gun?
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Senen 2013年3月27日 4時10分 
Several people beat it with the yellow gun. I'm pretty sure you can't beat it with blue/green gun, though.
carambola 2013年4月2日 16時05分 
I can make it almost to the end with the yellow gun but I fail to understand how you could complete the final puzzle guarding the black blob. The way the puzzle is set up you need the red gun's abilities to fill the floor. I have not been able to pass it with the yellow.
POPDOG3 2013年4月9日 19時41分 
You can get that floor part done with yellow gun directing the boxes to go to other side.
SBC saboya 2013年4月14日 6時57分 
I'm surprised that's even possible, I can think of some puzzles that I solved with the red that would be really hard to do with the yellow.
crazy123frog 2013年7月20日 16時29分 
You can get past "the end" barrier with the green gun but you can't do the puzzles afterwards.
~~(8:> 2014年1月18日 17時48分 
It's possible to win with the green gun.
Californ1a 2014年1月19日 23時03分 
No need to have the same conversation in a different thread. What Exedra has said is true, and I've explained it here:
whatsGravity 2014年1月26日 8時38分 
You can, but not without glitches
Californ1a 2014年1月26日 12時46分 
You can beat it with the yellow gun without glitches. Beating it with the green gun is also glitchless, but it uses lag to make the game skip frames, which is more of a bug than a glitch. It's mostly bug abuse of the game trying to compensate walking speed on low-end machines so you appear to walk at the same speed at 30 fps as you do at 60 fps.
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