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vernanonix 25. maalis, 2013 0.10
Is there a way to lower the quality of the game?
I'm having the worst time with Four Exits. Those fizzle fields lag the crap out of my computer. Slight movements register for way too long and send me across the room. Getting on top of the huge cubes takes about 5 minutes with all the fine tuning I have to do. And even then, I have to luck out on the jump. Also, I phase through cubes if I try to ride them.

So yeah, is there a way to lower the quality of the game? Or get all those particles out of my face? Or something?
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GAMMA buitenbeits 25. maalis, 2013 13.25 
Change the resolution
cyanic 25. maalis, 2013 17.56 
But the resolution selections are poor...

If you really want to, you could play the game on 640x480.
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Lähetetty: 25. maalis, 2013 0.10
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