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juice1919 2013年3月21日 16時52分
if i buy this game now....
...will it work when it releases for Mac like Hotline Miami did? or will it have a separate release section like black ops did?
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PurpleMoustache 2013年3月25日 13時43分 
Black Ops was a situation due to lots of legal bullhonkey. Activision wants 100% of the profits, and for a major league port like BLOPS so does Aspyr for bringing it over. It exists as a Mac only version as contract deals are weird.

Every other game on the Steam store that has a Mac version, or has had a Mac version later use the same "App ID" which is what the Steam client reads from for your library.

Every game has its own unique App ID, and if an App ID has a secondary or third build for Mac or Linux the Steam Client will read that, and offer the opportunity to download that OS specific build.
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