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Noir Jan 8, 2014 @ 11:08pm
I just finished the game and wanted to talk about it (spoilers, obviously)
A couple of things first:
·It took me 9 hours to finish the game
·I had to search for a couple of minor helps (I had taken a long break from the game and forgot about gardens for example)
·I found out (while searching for an answer) that the pink cubes have no use. I had been thinking that the objective of the game was to find them all and that they would "open a path" or something (I'm curious what will happen with them in the future)
·More than once I found the game to be scary; the croaking sounds made me jump more than once and the false step in one of the stairs at the end took me by complete suprise (after that, I was walking staring at the floor until the end)

I love the game. The puzzles are incredibly smart and the overall atmosphere is stunning. I really like that the game explains almost nothing and leaves the player to do almost all of the thinking (if there's a game without hand holding, this is it). The "tricks" that the game performs for making the impossible, possible; are really neat.
After finding out how the wall eyes behave (thanks to the clue about looking closely) I went to the first eye that you see, right at the beginning of the game and stared at it. It was incredibly satisfying to find out that it blinked and it dissapeared just like it was supposed to (I mean, I could have done that in the very start but I didn't have the knowledge yet and I think that's great)
I still can't believe that I missed the secret in the "museum" all the times I was in that room and that I found it almost before ending the game, how didn't I see the black sign before?

I have to say that the game closing itself was a really nice touch but I expected it, there was just no other way to end the game, it was over, the game was no more, so a menu would have made no sense.

Closing thought: it's probably going to be a looooong time until someone releases a game like this (unless you are going to make a sequel) and I'm completely find with that. It's unique, it's crazy and it goes against most conventions, by leaving the player to explore on it's own; but still, if most games were like this, playing videogames would prove extremely stressing and I couldn't play as much. Thank you for developing a game that's so unreal (joke intended) and I'm looking forward to any of your future projects . Antichamber forced me to think, laugh at a solution once it became obvious and say "I'm pretty sure this game is a test far better than anything from Mensa"; so yeah, job well done.
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Faeleena Jan 9, 2014 @ 6:05am 
I completely agree, one of, if not my favourite game ever. I loved it so much. <3 I wish the developers would make some Tshirts hoodies or polos for me to buy and maybe help support their lovely creation a little further.
Californ1a Jan 9, 2014 @ 1:10pm 
Originally posted by Faeleena:
maybe help support their lovely creation a little further.
Go contribute on the wiki[], help get the subreddit to be more active. Stuff like this still helps even if you're not directly sending them any money.
Abou Jan 15, 2014 @ 4:06pm 
A game playing with the physics in a set a enigmas, all of it in a breathtaking athmosphere. I also just love it.
The only bad side is that it is too short, but making it longer just to make it longer isn't interesting either, so it's fine anyway :D
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