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Waypoint Dec 23, 2013 @ 8:42pm
Freezing Bug
If you go to Over the Edge, fall in the pit, and hit Escape while falling, the game locks up in the hub room and has to be restarted.
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Californ1a Dec 23, 2013 @ 10:42pm 
I cannot reproduce this bug. No matter which side I fall from or when I hit Esc, it always ends up in the main hub as it normally should. (I played around with it a little more, and I've found the cause, given in the bottom paragraph).

Can you reproduce it? If so, provide a video of it please? This should be the same glitch, performed from a different location: (not my video, a friend of mine)

We already know about a glitch that allows you to clip through the walls of the main hub during the fade out to it, although it's never been used to fall through the floor. (I'm assuming it is the same glitch, although without video proof or precise steps to reproduce it, I cannot tell)

Cause: When you move around in the main hub, the game has to reset your position to the center of the main hub at some point. This occurs whenever you go through a teleport location. It just so happens that a teleport is located around halfway down Over The Edge. If you hit Esc as you fall through the teleport, your posisition in the mian hub gets reset to the center on a horizontal axis, but since you're still moving vertically, it can't completely reset that position correctly. You end up halfway out of bounds when you hit Esc at this point. The game "freezes" because the camera is stuck in the main hub while the actual character is falling to the very bottom of the game's map, out of bounds (you can probably hear a wooshing air sound). Once you hit the bottom of the map, then the sound stops. Once the sound stop, you can left click to reset your position back to the center of the main hub (essentially the "restartlevel" udk command).
So sure it's a bug, but it's not really too important because it doesn't affect gameplay, and not many people are going to be hitting Esc at the same time as falling through a teleport (note: if you don't move around in the main hub, this bug never happens, it only happens when the game tries to reset you back to the center of the main hub).

Hope this answers your question/bug.
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