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PointyOintment May 4, 2014 @ 7:21pm
[BUG] Picking up a block causes me to put it down right away
As soon as I pick up a block, it gets placed on whatever I'm currently aiming at, which is whatever was behind the block. I used to be able to pick up blocks and place them wherever I wanted, but now I cannot because I put them down as soon as I pick them up. I don't think anything has changed about my system configuration since it worked correctly.

Windows 7 on an MBP, using the trackpad, both with and without Trackpad++.
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Californ1a May 4, 2014 @ 10:10pm 
I've never heard of this bug before. Most likely it has to do with your specific machine and is not a problem with the game itself. I've also never heard of Trackpad++.

There is a Mac version of Antichamber, which is available through Humble Indie Bundle 11 (and should be on Steam "soon").

It seems like a driver problem with this "trackpad++" program. I had a similar issue with another game constantly tapping the left arrow key because I had a virtual gamepad driver installed. I suggest trying to fully uninstall trackpad++(not just disable it), as well as any drivers it might have installed (these will still be left over if you run a regular uninstall, you will have to remove it from the device manager most likely).
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