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OGTexanBadass 3月19日上午8:02
my blue gun doesn't collect cubes anymore...
Is that supposed to be part of the puzzle?
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A Puzzlemint of Legend 3月19日上午9:29 
Only if you're standing in a red disintigrator field, if I remember correctly.
Californ1a 3月19日下午1:13 
As long as the center bit of the gun spins when you right-click, then you can still pick up cubes. If you're standing in a disintegrator field then you can't pick up any cubes; these remove any cubes in your gun.
OGTexanBadass 3月19日下午9:54 
my blue gun doesn't spin even when im not in the disintegrator field. I think my game has glitched, i returned to the first part where I got the gun and I can't even pick up that single blue block...anyone know whats wrong? glitched game?
Californ1a 3月19日下午10:38 
Never heard of a glitch for not being able to right-click. Maybe try reinstalling the game?
正在显示第 1 - 4 条,共 4 条留言
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