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ESC does not work
Maybe this is a very stupid question and I'm missing something obvious but whenever I hit ESC to go to the options menu, I cannot go back to the game, even though it says [ESC] Return to Antechamber
I can only return by using the map on my right but at Many Paths To Nowhere (just in the beginning) I get stuck because it tells me to hit ESC and now, I can't go back when I hit it again. Tough long pressing does work for exiting the game.
Am I doing something wrong?
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Hitting Esc is only meant to bring you back into the Main Hub; it does not put you back where you were if you hit it a second time.
It's telling you to hit escape because you've trapped yourself. Try doing something different.
Oh, I thought it was some "What does the buttons do" type of training. Well, first of all, I feel like an idiot (probably I'll never be able to finish the game -_-) And secondly, I'm really glad my game isn't broken or sth
TY for the help!
This game does a fantastic job of training the player, so just stick with it and you'll make it through. If you reach a roadblock for some reason (it happens sometimes), try sleeping on it. Really. The game uses some very subtle psychological features that work in the subconscious mind. The nifty part of this feature is that sleeping allows the mind to continue to work on a problem (usually a LOT faster than when we are awake). When we wake up, more times than not, the problem is already solved in our heads, and we breeze through the otherwise "insurmountable" problem. Also, try relaxing and go with instict, That actually does help in many cases as well.
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