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Dr.Eames Feb 26 @ 4:25am
Laying The Fundation: An advice if you run out of luck or patience
If you spent 10+ min trying to get inside the "room" in the center of this map, you may find the fact that running around will never get you inside.

Here's what I found:
-The way to the unexplored chamber is located inside the "room", you need to get inside and jump down(you can see the colorful tunnel when the wall is broken)
-The Wall Block will be regenerated after a certain amount of time when broken.(Let's say 5 sec)
-You need a 6x3 sized hole to get though(It is, but not soooo important)
-The speed you move slightly alter the chance of opening a right-sized-whole(Keep the blast radius just bigger than the "room" will be better)
-The resolution or framerate is not the reason you can't get through(or for most of us)
- "one side of the walls respawns slower", and it'is the one facing the "X" door with a longer pasage(good for us to stir the balls)

Here's the hint:
-Do this in 5 sec, move at a proper speed, and at a proper side.
-If this time you failed, wait for the whole wall to regenerate and try again.
-Do not running round and round! It's useless.
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Californ1a Feb 26 @ 1:13pm 
You're forgetting that one side respawns slower. You also only need a 5x3, not a 6x3.
Dr.Eames Feb 26 @ 4:10pm 
@Californ1a :
Thanks for the reply! And after a few test I think:
--It's true that "one side respawns slower", and the side is one facing the "X" door with a longer pasage for us to stir the balls.
--And I still think the size should be 6x3, for it's the smallest size I tested by creating holes on block walls and try to walk through.
Californ1a Feb 26 @ 6:04pm 
I'm an admin on the Antichamber wiki, and we tested all of this game mechanic info long, long ago. The character is 5 tall by 3 wide; the best room to test this is Too Many Lasers.
Dr.Eames Feb 26 @ 8:48pm 
Checked the wiki, great job!
But I still can't fit in the 5x3 hole(Tested in the 6x6 corridor of the level "A book and it's cover": can't walk pass it when it's 5 block tall; and can't walk if spreading a 1-block layer under yourself)
Maybe we are both right.
Californ1a Feb 26 @ 9:18pm 
It's not exactly 5 or 6 tall, it's between the two, although I don't know exactly; I typically just say that the character is 5x3 because the only puzzle where fitting through a hole is relevant to the solution is Too Many Lasers, and a 5x3 hole works there.
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Rene Feb 27 @ 6:58am 
This is the one room on my map that shows an unexplored passage. I guess this is the one left to 'solve'. However, I don't have that passage on the right (as seen on the video), did I miss something else?
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