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Blank screen
Game doesn't even want to start for me, i get the splash screen then a blank screen then it minimizes its self :\
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DaxusTheSugarSergal Feb 23 @ 10:09am 
i have same problem just i get a black screen then it minimizes :/ crappy
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Muhuhmuhnuhmphus Feb 23 @ 10:48am 
^^^^^ Please help!!!!!!!!!!!
V10lator Feb 23 @ 11:36am 
You guys should give s bit more information. Steams system information would be a good start.
Californ1a Feb 23 @ 1:16pm 
The Antichamber subreddit keeps a listing of fixes/solutions for startup crashes:
Originally posted by Mumphus:
^^^^^ Please help!!!!!!!!!!!

Ok i managed to fix it on my end by alt entering to make it go window mode, when it minimizes the first time click the icon on your task bar and it should try coming up again, but you should still hear the intro Alt + ENTER.
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