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Purpleiswin Feb 22 @ 8:08pm
Guess this game doesn't know what to do when you "die"
When you make a square of cubes, they fill in the hollow space, made a full cube with hollow sides and it started filling in, was standing inside of it and the game locked up lol
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TheFourteen Feb 23 @ 2:35am 
That happens whether or not you stand inside the cube - if the cube's too big, the game crashes.
Californ1a Feb 23 @ 1:11pm 
It's a combination of both. You can make quite a large cube without it crashing, but if you're inside of the same size cube then it will crash.
1. The game doesn't have any "action on death" because you're not meant to die
2. Immense lag will crash the game.
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kriegor Feb 26 @ 3:53am 
it should stay like that because you dont need 100k cubes for any part of the game
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