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siridun [FR] 19 feb, ore 10:35
Where is Save file in Linux version ?
I want to put my windows Steam savefile on my Linux version game... but I don't know where I put this file !

And the key binding is the same for Linux for Azerty ? The files aren't the same...

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Californ1a 19 feb, ore 13:38 
I don't know where it will be located on linux, but I'm sure you can search for a "SavedGame.bin" file
siridun [FR] 25 feb, ore 9:32 
I find where is the save file on Linux version:
Th save steamwindow run good on linux version !

And for the key binding for azerty, the files are differents of window... but it's work, the file is here:
Make the same modification !
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