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Androktasie Jun 22, 2014 @ 1:21pm
Is development finished?
I saw references in the Antichamber wiki that the 2 pink blocks in no-clip land are intended for future updates. (

Unfortunately the wiki doesn't cite its source for that update. Does anyone know where that reference came from, and if an update is still planned for the future? Or is the game basically finished as-is now?
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Californ1a Jun 22, 2014 @ 1:51pm 
Hey, I'm an admin on the Antichamber wiki.
For the most part, we've taken things from his Twitter. We've been pretty bad with not siting sources, but it shouldn't matter for most pages. He knows that two of the pink cubes aren't obtainable, and he has also tweeted that he was working on "a timeline of events leading up to the release of Antichamber" which will most likely be a new dev room (possibly replacing the Under Construction door). We don't know exactly what he plans on doing with the pink cubes, although he has said that he wants to give them a purpose eventually (they're not even tracked in the main hub as of yet, you don't know how many you've found unless you use an external tool the Antichamber speedrunning community created).

The last time the game was updated/patched was on February 28th 2013 (if you don't count the mac/linux steam release as an update), so I wouldn't say it's actively in development, but he just has some more plans for updates if he ever feels like working on them.
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