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Sadistic_Dentist Jun 20 @ 2:39am
My Game Long Name - What the heck is this?!
Today I decided to uninstall some games I play no more, by entering Control Panel ---> Delete Programs. And what do I see? Next to Antichamber (I never wanted to uninstall this) by Alexander Bruce, there is also Antichamber by Epic Games and something called My Game Long Name, also by Epic Games. What the hell are those? If I uninstall them, will the game stop working?
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Californ1a Jun 20 @ 11:24am 
My Game Long Name is the UDK engine version associated with each Unreal game you have. I have three "My Game Long Name" becasue I have Antichamber, UT3, and UDK itself. It is just used to direct the game to the correct version of UDK, kind of like when games used to require a CD even when the game was fully installed on the computer.

I've never heard of anyone having problems by uninstalling it though. And also, for Steam games, you're not really meant to uninstall them via the add/remove programs control panel. You can just right-click on the game in Steam and click on "Delete Local Content..." That will also make sure any redists and registry entries are removed as well.
Sadistic_Dentist Jun 21 @ 2:21am 
Thank you!
!!!!???. Jun 25 @ 9:15am 
yep, it require a fix!
sharpnova Oct 8 @ 8:26am 
This is absurd. It's clutter.
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