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Nicholas Steel Jun 12 @ 6:42pm
Bug: Add/Remove Programs (Programs & Features)
The game is listed as "My Game Long Name" which isn't at all descriptive.

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Californ1a Jun 12 @ 8:06pm 
This isn't a bug, this is just what the UDK engine is named when it is used on a standalone game. I probably have 3 or 4 of those in my programs listing because of Antichamber and the multiple versions of Unreal Tournament.
Nicholas Steel Jun 13 @ 12:22am 
Surely the engine lets you specify a proper name to appear in the Add/Remove list. It would be pretty ridiculous if it didn't lol. The name currently used appeears to be a default name that they simply overlooked/didn't change. My copes of Unreal Tournament (CD, not Digital) appear fine in Add/Remove.
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Californ1a Jun 13 @ 1:42pm 
"My Game Long Name" isn't Antichamber. It is the UDK engine version associated with Antichamber. If you have other Unreal games that use other versions of UDK, then it is possible for it to appear multiple times, like I have[] (although you're not really meant to uninstall Steam games form the add/remove programs list, you're meant to right-click it in Steam and "Delete Local Content..."). One of mine is from the Unreal Dev Kit itself, one is from UT3, and one is from Antichamber. The CD version of UT most likely stores the engine files on the disc, but digital download copies can't do that, so it has to be installed somewhere.

I haven't heard anyone have problems after uninstalling any of the "My Game Long Name" installs, so it seems uninstalling it just acts as if you removed the disc from the tray for a CD copy.
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