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totallylegit May 30 @ 3:15pm
Mattergun Clor
Hey there, is it possible to change the color of mattergun from X to Y? (x being the color i dont like, y being the color I like)
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Californ1a May 30 @ 4:18pm 
No, the color denotes which abilities you have. Each gun is an upgrade from the previous one, meaning that it has all the abilities from the previous gun(s).
totallylegit May 31 @ 12:11am 
Thanks for the answer, but I am aware of that. The problem I have is with the actual color (personal preference) of the Mattergun, the choice of colors. I would like to change the color to a different one, and not becaue of i am confused if their abilities are lost or not, but strictly because I cannot stand some of them, red included. Is this any way to swap the colors, or even use custom colors?
Californ1a May 31 @ 2:15pm 
Grey Acumen May 31 @ 8:30pm 
Best solution I can think of is to adjust the color settings of your monitor directly. The colors themselves aren't just a matter of aesthetics; there are visual communication issues that the color of the guns are part of. If the color of any of the guns were changed, a lot of other aspects of the game would also need changed accordingly. I just don't see any way what you're looking for could be accomplished, or even any reasonable way that the dev would be able to accomplish such a feat.
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