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Cameron Jul 27 @ 5:04am
Can't drag blocks through disintegration field using yellow gun.
On the puzzle "The Missing Pieces" it won't let me drag blocks all the way through the disintegration field over to the receptors.

I can drag the blocks about half way but then it refuses to let me drag them any further.

I can sometimes drag them BACK towards where I came from, but I can never drag them the full way.

Why does this happen?
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Cameron Jul 27 @ 8:56am 
Here's a screenshot of the exact situation:

If I middle click on any of those blocks (or use ctrl) it will not let me drag them _at all_
Californ1a Jul 27 @ 1:44pm 
Well, firstly, you never have to drag cubes through that field in order to solve any puzzles, but if you must... then I'll try to explain why this happens; try to stay with me, it's fairly confusing.
Typically in the middle of those fields is a type of loading zone, but not just a loading zone; it's more like a portal. So in the very middle of those fields, imagine a portal, and if you've already stepped through it then you cannot manipulate things on the side you just came from even though you can still see the other side.

If you're trying to bring cubes through that particular field, then I'd assume you got the yellow gun via Lighting The Fuse, and you're trying to bring more cubes into the Managing Resources room? You missed learning a mechanic from the green gun if this is the case; again, you don't need to bring more cubes into the Managing Resources room through that field. There is a solution to open both doors at Managing Resources with what is already there.
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