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Dr Chim Richolds Aug 20 @ 6:18pm
game suddenly reset!
I opened antichamber up again after about a month, only to find that my save had reset all my progress! I was at the chase, so you can see why I'd be ♥♥♥♥ed off. help?
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Californ1a Aug 20 @ 8:03pm 
Don't know why your save would have been reset, but if you don't want to replay the whole thing, I could send you a save with the minimum amount of the map completed up until The Chase.
If you're able to find a picture of the map (or the sign wall) at about the amount of completion you had, then I could send you an exact save. (You could also list the sign numbers from this page[] that you remember having, and I could recreate it from the list of sign numbers)

I'm an Antichamber speedrunner, so it should only take me a few minutes to recreate your save from a reference image.
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Dr Chim Richolds Aug 21 @ 5:46pm 
oh, wow. lemme try to put together a basic map; thanks a ton dude!
LordCabessa Aug 26 @ 9:54pm 
Same thing happened to me. Can Californi1a or anyone else help me with this?
Californ1a Aug 26 @ 10:23pm 
@LordCabessa Just as I said above, give me a picture of what your map sort of looked like (maybe black out rooms from this complete map[] that you hadn't been to yet), and I can recreate your save. Alternatively, list all the numbers of the signs you had.
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