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Klei-JoeW  [developer] Jan 22, 2014 @ 2:33pm
IMPORTANT -- Please read before posting
First and most important, you are bound by the policies set forth by Valve

However; in addition, we will also be enforcing our own community guidelines below. These are the rules that we enforce on our official forum community at that we are extending into the Steam discussions here.

We have found by listing our expectation for how people should communicate on a forum, it really helps everybody understand what we are looking for when maintaining constructive discussion.

Community Standards Policy

Welcome to the Klei Entertainment community! Before you jump into any discussions, we encourage you to read the Community Standards Policy below. This easy to read overview will help you get started on the right foot. Your feedback and comments help us make better games, so please take a moment to familiarize yourself with Valve's Discussions Rules and Guidelines which outlines what is expected of you, and the others, within the Steam community.

Since this policy can’t possibly cover every potential situation that may arise within our community, we’ll do our best to update this as needed. If you’re ever unsure about something, you can always ask a staff member! Also, you can simply apply some common sense to these “golden rules” that pretty much cover everything in our policy.

Think of the guide below as a companion guide to the official steam guidelines.

Golden Rules
  • Have fun!
  • Be respectful.
  • Don’t be a jerk.
  • Stay on topic.

If violations of our Community Standards Policy are brought to our attention, we will investigate them on a case by case basis.The level of action taken against accounts found in violation of this policy will be at the sole discretion of steam moderatorsand based on the severity of the occurrence, as well as history of the account(s) in question.

Failure to comply with community standards policies will make us very sad on the inside, but also may result in the suspension or termination of your ability to post on this discussion board. Read onward to prevent us from being stricken with deep sadness and getting your account smacked with a ban hammer.

Etiquette: General Guidelines

Stay on topic: Try to keep discussions and conversations on the subject at hand. If you feel that a conversation or thread has slid off-topic, feel free to start a new thread. Try to keep away from conversations about a topic being off-topic.

Communicate your message clearly: Using language, grammar, and tone that’s easily understood by others will help avoid simple misunderstandings and generally help with productive conversation.

Keep it clean: Humour and jokes are essential to making connections with the community; just make sure that your jokes are inoffensive and are not directed towards someone else. Also if you’re writing fan-fiction, keep it PG-13, there are younger folk in the audience.

Be constructive and don't make it personal: You’re certainly allowed to disagree with one another, in fact, we encourage constructive debate. However disagreements get out of hand when personal attacks, profanity, or threats are thrown around. Keep the dialogue positive instead of letting it deteriorate into personal insults. Keep criticisms constructive and polite. Do not call out other users or other users behavior in your post or thread titles.

Keep arguments and personal issues private: If you’re that angry about something someone said, take a break away from the forums. If you still feel that it’s necessary to argue with someone, please do privately. Public arguments only cause hostility, distress, or discomfort for other community members. If an argument takes place and comes to the point of a disruption, all participants in the argument are at fault.

Report infractions or questionable content: It helps us keep the forums clean and keep a positive atmosphere for our community. Let us know if you have an issue with a community member or content.

When you can, help out newcomers: The Klei community has always been great at accepting and helping out new members. Let’s do our best to keep it this way.

Use the search function: Before posting a new thread, search the forum because your question or issue may have already been discussed or covered in a previous thread. Topics that have either (a)been pinned, (b)been covered recently and still in active discussion (c) easily searchable, may be locked at the discretion of the moderators.

Give feedback: If someone gives you advice or helps you with an issue, let them know that they've helped and make an effort to help others if you can answer their questions too.

Take the high road: Trolls are people who will post negative or rude comments to get a rise out of the community. Ignoring these trolls simply stops their efforts to get attention for themselves.

Take responsibility for what you post: If you wrote something that may have offended another, take responsibility, listen to their reasoning and work together to find common ground.

No backseat moderating: If you see a problem with a post, report it and move on. If you do not like the content of the post, move on. Do not create forum rules, or rules for your own threads.


When a post is reported, the action taken will always be at the discretion of the moderator. The steam forums have countless moderators with access to reports, so there will always be some inconsistency with enforcement. Some things will be overlooked, while others might be more strictly enforced. Whenever possible, a moderator appointed by Klei will attempt to resolve these issues in a consistent way inline with the steam guidelines, but with special consideration for our own guidelines. However, if you believe that action has been taken in a manner not in violation of our rules, please contact us directly at and we will check it out. At no point should an argument about policy enforcement take place on the forums.
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