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J20Hawkz Aug 20, 2013 @ 3:28am
●*●*●*● The FIVE word game ●*●*●*●
This is just for fun. To keep our discussions less boring. And keep it CLEAN. Any inappropriate comments will be removed. Any more serious comments such as rude, insulting, racial, derogatory comments will be reviewed and the appropriate action taken. Basically you will be banned.

Along with the five word game (always remains active), I shall regularly post new games. This will be updated each time a new game is active. Regardless of the active game, posts will still be posted in FIVE words or less.

●*●*●*●*●*●*●*● WINNERS HALL OF FAME ●*●*●*●*●*●*●*●


1ST J20Hawkz
2ND Pwnclub
3RD PortalOrange

Classy_dots 16 (post number 1111!!!! 2000!!!!! 3000!!! 17771!!!! :/)
Adameo 1
Cheesecakeonfire AKA FireKnight 22 (post number 999!!! post 5000!!! 20600!! :D)
Crazyfancypants 2 (made an unlikely return at post number 19,500)
J20Hawkz 59 (post number 1000!!!, 4000!!!! 6789!! 7000!!! 8000!! 15,000!!! 17871!!! 28000!:happymeat:)
Haunted Ammy 5 (post number 666!!! :0) -1
Ash 1
beastspartan304 AKA beasthobo AKA BeastlyFlamingHawk AKA Chaos AKA Order 15 (keeps changing name. post number 18000!!! 23000!!! :/)
PortalOrange 35 (post number 4444, 6666, 7777!!!! 10,000!!! 12000!!! 21600!! 23232!!! 26000!!:lonestar:)
Pwnclub 40 (post number 3333!! 4567!! 5555!!! 5678!!!! 11000/13000!!! 25000!! 27000! :b1:)
Unkoun AKA Exodus 12 (game 1 and game 2 winner post number 26000!!!)
Steve 2 (game 2 winner)
Bailey (ToastLover946) 1 (game 4 winner)
Grue AKA Joelius Caesar 3 (post number 16,000!!!!)
Luxurious195 14 (game 10 winner x 3 post number 19000!!! 21900!!! 22222!!!)
Spazzzy99 2 (guide)

●*●*●*●GENERAL RULEZ●*●*●*●

1. Talk about anything in 5 or less words if you can. Please keep it CLEAN. This is just for a bit of fun and to show how creative you guys are :)

2. No more than FIVE consecutive (back to back) posts allowed. You are also free to discuss or type anything unrelated to Don't Starve as long as it is not inappropriate. But after a few comments get things back on track.

3. Use of friends to break up more than FIVE consecutive posts will be deleted. So therefore that will mean you posted more than FIVE comments in a row, Don't do it!

4. You are a winner if you are a hundredth post or a same triple number post e.g. 100 or 111, 400 or 444, etc...


6. Writing full sentence by joining the words is not allowed.

7. If you are a winner. Type the post number and the word winner in brackets e.g. (1000 winner). Please be honest. I can tell if you cheated or lied. Adding this does not count towards the FIVE word limit.


9. Use of numbers to make words is allowed. BUT it can only be used max TWO times in one post. Number words do not count as part of the five word post limit.

●*●*●*● GAME 1: Guess The Monster ●*●*●*● (ended)

Ok time to start a new game. This will also give you points. The first game will be a guessing game. I will think of a creature related to Don't Starve. Anyone can ask questions which I will answer honestly until someone tells me which creature I had in mind.


1. PORTALORANGE asked all 3 questions and guessed wrong (1 point to J20Hawkz)
2. BEASTLYFLAMINGHAWK asked all 3 questions and guessed wrong (1 point to J20Hawkz)
3. UNKOUN is the WINNER.


1. Each person can only ask 3 questions
2. If you guess the name of the creature I am thinking of and you guess right you get 1 point. If you guess wrong you lose and cannot guess or ask questions again.
3. Ask questions in 5 or less words only.
4. If someone guess wrong I get 1 point.

●*●*●*● GAME 2: The best base. ●*●*●*● (ended)

Post a pic of your base and people can vote who's base is the best. Winner gets 1 point. Closing date for submission is this Saturday 18th November. I won't be entering as most of you have already seen my base and rated it up. If anyone hasn't rated my base yet, then why not? Voting will take place over the weekend from members of the community. Winner will be decided Monday 25th November. If you need some ideas take a look at mine.


4. AMMY:


1. Can only submit one pic of base
2. Can only vote once.
3. Can't vote for yourself

●*●*●*● GAME 3: Hide And Seek ●*●*●*● (ended)

Posted by EXODUS:

Righto, tiddlywinks, allow me to ela8orate Rules and 8indings for the game "Hide and Seek"
First our host, J2O Hawks, Shall scutter upon the seemingly infinite posts of this discussion, and find an uncared and 8asicly completely ignored post (which hopefully, won't 8e missed), and using his God-like-moderator powers, edit the message to a secret code of J2O's Choice. The participants then scour High and low for the secret message, and the first person to find it, wins the game! perhaps, when the game is finished, the secret message can 8e reverted to its original message. The secret code shall have to 8e clear and o8vious so people mistake it for some poor fools mum8lings. Also, unlike the last game, there will 8e no way to cheat 8y searching the message. So, sound like fun?

WINNER: Unkoun who is actually Exodus.

●*●*●*● GAME 4: Charades ●*●*●*● (ended)

Don't Starve things only!

Gather, mortals, wizards, fools, and allow me to illustrate the rules of... Charades!
taking turns, One person uses five words to descri8e ONE word without actually saying the one word. Spelling it out, or using names are cheating.

for example: animal, swims, scales, tail, gills
(in this case, its a fish)

Whoever guesses correctly first, wins a point and takes the next turn. If EVERYONE gives up on the word, you reveal it, and no one gets the point. The person whose word wasn't guessed chooses the next in this case (you can't choose yourself!).

Sound like fun? righto, who wants to go first?

You can only be a Host once. After someone has guessed the right answer that person becomes next host. Ifno one guesses right within 24 hours of the Host posting their five words to describe their Don't Starve related thing, the game is over and Host wins 1 point. After which they become host again.

HOST: J20Hawkz
POST: 7123: "Furry, Fat, Trees, Axe, Invincible."
WINNER: Bailey (ToastLover946)
ANSWER: Werebeaver

HOST: Bailey (ToastLover946) failed to show up after 24 hours so now Pwnclub is new host.
POST: Mindless, fast, flower, hostile, air
WINNER: J20Hawkz
ANSWER: Killer Bee

HOST: PortalOrange
POST: rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, rabbit
WINNER: J20Hawkz
ANSWER: Rabbit

HOST: Ammy
POST: Nighttime, Attacker, Darkness, Whoosh, Blindness
WINNER: J20Hawkz
ANSWER: Charlie/grue

Dominated by J20Hawkz.

●*●*●*● GAME 5: Fan Fiction ●*●*●*● (ended)

WINNER: Classy_dots

Suggested by Pwnclub:

Don't Starve has 9 memorable and unique characters:
Participants choose a character, and write a description or story on them. People then vote for most creative, funniest, greatest, etc. entry. Winner is the one who earns the most votes!


PortalOrange and Wolfgang.....1
Cheesecakeonfire and WX-78.....2
J20Hawkz and Woodie.....3
Pwnclub and Woodie.....2
Exodus and Maxwell.....1
Ammy and Chester.....2
Classy_dots and Wilson.....4

●*●*●*● GAME 6: ●*●*●*● (active)

From time to time I will post a rule breaker comment. This comment will be in the form of numbers and letters. The first person to decode what I have said exactly word for word, gets a point.

The number alphabet or 'numbalbet'

●*●*●*● GAME 7: A Mystery ●*●*●*● (ended)

Created by Unkoun. See page 233 (50 comments per page) for start of game. Clues are scattered in preceding pages based on questions asked and answers given by Unkoun. Awesome game. I hope Unkoun can make more of these 'Mystery Events'.

●*●*●*● GAME 8: Fan Fiction ●*●*●*● (ended)

Will make edits to BeastlyFlamingHawk's summary when I'm back....

Game 8 Story-I,Chaos, was cast into Oblivion for unknown reasons by the one called FatherHawk,I was meant to die there,but i found a power that changed me,I once was known as BeastlyFlamingHawk,but seeing as i am no longer a Hawk,my name became Chaos.I sought revenge for what has happened,and it led me to one known as Exodus.He Has spoken to the power in me, he claims they are the souls of the creatures of Oblivion,and claims the creatures in Oblivion are Revenants,but this may not be true.Exodus wishes for me to put vengence aside.My travels have also led me to J20,one who I once calledmy brother.I have recently learned that he is FatherHawkz son,but he does not know his whereabouts,he is helping me find his location by going to the Temple of the Kodaks,there I hope he finds the location of FatherHawkz.I will kill FatherHawkz,but before I do there has been something bothering me,I cannot remember why I was cast into Oblivion,and only he knows.I must ask him before I can have my revenge.

●*●*●*● GAME 9: Role Play ●*●*●*● (ended?)

Again this is going to be another story telling game. Game 8 was very popular amongst some of us, exodus, Chaos, grue, cheesecakeonfire are all very good story tellers so while we are all here might as well make good use of their expertise =)

First everyone needs a character.

Woodie.....J20Hawkz (swapped with Exodus)
Maxwell.....Exodus (swapped with J20Hawkz)

●*●*●*● GAME 10: Don't Starve Hangman ●*●*●*● (active)


Choose one person to be the executioner. That person will think of a word or short phrase related to anything associated with Don't Starve, and mark out blanks (underscores (_)) for each letter of each word.

Separate words with either a slash, or place words on separate lines. Then another player will guess a letter. If that letter is in the word(s) then write the letter in everywhere it would appear.

If the letter isn't in the word then add a body part to the gallows by writing a list including head, body, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg.

The player will continue guessing letters until they can either solve the word (or phrase) or all six body parts are on the gallows.

Who ever guess the whole word(s) loses. Extreme game, extreme rules :)

If both participant 1 and 2 lose a third participant is allowed ONE guess only. The executioner gets 1 point if participants 1 and 2 lose.

Winner gets 1 point.

Game 1: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Used letters so far: A, E, I, O, U, Y, R, F, J, M

1st executioner: J20Hawkz
Participant 1: FireKnight (head, body, left arm, right arm, left leg, right leg) lose.
Participant 2: Pwnclub guessed "soundium-bloopium" which is wrong so Auto lose.
Participant 3: Chaos guess "houndious shootius" which is correct so +1

Game 2: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Used letters so far: E, A

Executioner: J20Hawkz
Participant 1: Exodus
Participant 2: Luxurious195 guessed "Thermal Measurer" which is correct so +1

Game 3: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Used letters so far:

Executioner: J20Hawkz
Participant 1: Exodus
Participant 2: Luxurious195 guessed "Dangling Depth Dweller" which is correct so +1

Game 4: _ _ _ _ _ VS. _ _ _ _

Letters used so far: E

Executioner: FireKnight
Participant 1: Pwnclub
Participant 2: J20Hawkz guessed "Merms Vs Pigs" which is correct so +1

Game 5: _ _ _ ' _ - _ _ _ _ _

Letters used so far: T

Executioner: Grue
Participant 1: J20Hawkz
Participant 2:

Game 6: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - _' - _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _

Letters used so far: A, E, O, C, D, T, N

Executioner: Luxurious195
Participant 1: J20Hawkz (head, body) guessed "MacTusk n' Son Hunting Party" which is correct so +1
Participant 2: Exodus (head)

Game 7: _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ - _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

Letters used so far: E, A, S, H, T, N, L, C

Participant 1: Exodus (head) guessed "Dessicated Tentacle" which is correct so +1
Participant 2: N/A

Game 8: _ _-_ _ ¬ _ _ _ _ ¬ _ _ _ ¬ _ _ _ _ _ ¬ _ _ _ _ _ _

Letters used so far: A, E, N, D, W, X, S, 7, 8, T, H, L, R

Executioner: Exodus
Participant 1: J20Hawkz (head,
Participant 2: Luxurious195 guessed "WX-78 hates all organic matter!" which is correct so +1

●*●*●*● GAME 11: Don't Starve Mystery Murder Game ●*●*●*● (ended)

(50 comments per page)
Starts on page 376
Ends on page: 403

●*●*●*● GAME 12: Kill Wilson ●*●*●*● (ended)

(50 comments per page)
Starts on page 421
Ends on page 452

●*●*●*● GAME 13: Snap Shot ●*●*●*● (ended)

Similar to the Don't Starve Hunter challenge except this time we aren't capturing anything inside something. I'll post a scene and I want to see screen pics of such scene. I'll make this an ongoing game until I get bored or everyone just gives up. You get a point if you participated.


1. No console commands. Honesty is key here. If you cheat and I find out I'll find where you live and pour J20 over your laptop/pc.

2. One screen shot per submission.

3. Late entries get 0 points, entries must be within a week of the date set for the challenge to receive 1 point.

4. Submissions by Monday 6 PM GMT. New weekly challenge every Tuesday.

5. Scenes should ONLY portrait EXACTLY what is detailed in this week's challenge. Character in scene does not count towards the challenge, maybe till later where I specify.

Week 1 (8/7/2014): 5 rabbits
+ Luxurious195 = 0pt
+ PortalOrange = 0pt
+ Exodus = 0pt
+ J20Hawkz = 1pt

Week 2 (15/7/2014): 4 rabbits + 1 bird
+ Luxurious195 = 1pt
+ Exodus = 1pt
+ J20Hawkz = 1pt
+ Spazzzy99 = 1pt

Week 3 (22/7/2014): 3 rabbits + 2 beefalo
+ Luxurious195 = 1pt
+ Spazzzy99 = 0pt
+ J20Hawkz = 1pt

Week 4 (29/7/2014): 2 rabbits + 2 beefalo + 1 bird

●*●*●*● GAME 14: ●*●*●*● (pending)

GAME 14 IDEA (Rule Breaker)
This game's concept is fairly simple. You know how when you were younger you would play "the alphabet game" (or whatever you used to call it), where you would say a word, and then your friend would say a word starting with the same letter as the previous word's last ans so on? Well, we're going to do the same thing but with Don't Starve terminology.

For example: I post "Wilson" (a character in the game), and the next person can post "Night Light" (an item in the game), and then "Treeguard", etc.

I suggest giving a point for every fifth word in this chain, and once a point is awarded, a 2 hour period must pass before you can continue posting words (to prevent spamming).

Please quote the last person to post a word for game 14 so know.

Put a number (indicating the number for the word in the chain) so we can tell where we are at. 1 to 5. So once we get to the 5th comment we know it's a point and we know we have to start from 1 again.

You can't post two comments in a row.

●*●*●*● GAME 15: ●*●*●*● ended)

Mystery game by Exodus page 534. (50 comments per page)

Game 16: The Screeching
Phase one- Who are you?

The year is 1991, 5 years after the Pillet Creek tragedy. You are all members of a large group of campers who are camping for the week at the reopened campsite at Pillet Creek. You all know of the mysterious accident that happened 5 years prior, but not anything specific. Away from civilization, in the middle of a deep forest, all you have on you is the packs on your back- and the stuff inside your tents. All is well, and two days go past- but the English man who was leading the group seems to have gone missing today. As the sun starts to set, you start a few campfires in hope he'll find his way back to you. Darkness starts to close in, and the Man is still no where to be found- so you each plan to look for him in the morning. As the Campfires starts to burn out, and you all start to head for your tents- you hear the sounds of Screeching coming from the forest...

Dem Skillz
A mechanic of this game is that some of you will have player based skills, you are going to decide who gets what among yourselves. These skills will allow you to preform specific actions in the game- but there can only be one copy of a specific skill in the group (you can have more than one skill per player). Each skill must be used at least once. The idea of this is you need to decide as a group who should be which character, as this game will be based on "teamwork" (ie: if you want to live, don't go by yourself! >:3)

You can choose from this list of skills-

Strong- Your character is surprisingly strong, and is capable of using heavy objects- Grue
Lockpicking- Your character is an exceptional lock-picker, and can open most locks with ease- Lux
Hiding- Your character is talented at blending in with the surroundings and remaining unnoticed - Lux
Athletic- Your character can move quicker for longer - Order
Acrobatic- Your character can preform acrobatic maneuvers - Order
Mechanic- Your character can work with machines - Grue, Sunknight
Tracking- Your character is excellent at detecting traces of "animal" activity
Hacker- Your character is good with computers- Pwnclub, Sunknight
Survivalist- Your character is experienced with outdoors (can start fires, make traps, etc) - Order
Proper Gentleman- Your character has increased dapperness - Pwnclub
Ambidextrous- Your character is both left and right handed- Grue
Perfect vision- Your character can see further - lux
Perfect Pitch- Your character is good at singing
Calligrapher- Your character can use calligraphy
Weak- Your character is weaker than average - lux
Lazy- Your Character moves slower than normal- Pwnclub
Hungry- Your character requires food to function normally- inability to provide food will make you sloppy - Pwnclub
Dementia- Your character will occasionally "forget" what they''re doing - Sunknight
Vivid imagination- your character might think he sees things, which really aren't there - lux, Grue
Dragonborn- Your character can absorb dragon souls to gain power (you start with no power) - Sunknight
Prophet- Your character may occasionally see glimpses of the future - lux
Perfectionist- Your character is obsessed with collecting all the hidden achievements - Lux
Tough- Your character has more endurance than normal- Grue
Ranged- Your character is an excellent shooter - Pwnclub
Medic- Your character has extensive medical knowledge, and can identify medicines, etc
???- This skill is hidden unless a specific requirement is met - Grue
???- This skill is hidden unless a specific requirement is met - Pwnclub

Life and Death
Another mechanic in this game is that you can "Die" (don't look too enthusiastic, Pwnclub...). What this means is, when you're alive you can post on the FWG to contribute to the game, and pm other players about the game- but once you're dead, you cannot contribute to the game (even over PM, sorry). Just trust that there is a reason for this rule...
Failer to comply to this rule will mean something bad will happen

Phase 2
Basically, the game hasn't started yet- there are multiple phases we need to go through before the game can start. The second phase is counting who is playing the game- as I will be making a private group for each player so I can exchange individual information privately. More rules will be added as the phases go on- but this is enough to get started.

●*●*●*● GAME 17: ●*●*●*● active)

Due to not much content on the FWG outside of google docs,
In the name of J2O, declare the

Count to 100 game

[Tried to make a thread on the Off topic steam forums, but it got locked fast, dunno why D=]

[direct copy from original]
Game explanation:

The goal of the game is to count to 100. Simple, right? Or is it?

Example of a count:

Player 1: 1. Hi I just joined this game.

Player 2: 2. I love summer sales!

Put the number count at the start of your post, or highlight it with bold!

No spamming (gibberish or short replies).

No double posts.

Use grammar (some mistakes are fine).

No editing.

No more than 3 back-to-back posts. Examples:
P1 P2 P1 P3 -OK
P1 P2 P1 P2 -Not OK
P1 P2 Reset P1 P2 -OK

No cheating. This is all about teamwork =P

Game is reset on rule breaking or miscounts.

Original idea from Armor Games website.


Originally posted by Marioalexsan:
(Ignore this post for the count)

Now with better format

How to play:
  1. Count by ones from 1 to 100 in 100 consecutive posts.

  2. The count is restarted if:
    -Count succesfully reaches 100.
    -Someone broke the Core Rules, is spamming or cheating.

  3. Announce why you reset count so others don't get confused.

Core Rules
1. No mistakes.

This means a count must start from 1 and increase by ones till 100.
2. No double-counting / double posting.

No counter may count two consecutive numbers.

3.No back to back counting.

No two counters may alternate for more than 3 consecutive numbers.

P1 P2 P1 P2 -Not ok
P1 P2 P1 P3 - Ok
P1 P2 reset P1 P2 -Ok

4. No editing.

No counter can edit their posts after one minute from posting.


Aditional rules:

  • No cheating. Self-explanatory.

  • No non-counts:
    No counter may post without their count number at the start of the post, or not bolded in the post.

  • No spamming. Self-explanatory.

  • No "spoiling". Don't mess with the count.
    Posts with no count number should be ignored, as well as posts with intentional mistakes.

Rules clarified again.

Originally posted by Unodus:
ErinJeanc, your count is a complete mess x.x (I counted 71)
Guys, this isn't that complicated! You start each message with a public counter, and you add that number to your personal counter. If there is a reset, your personal counter resets too- and only the person who caused the reset takes the penalty.

Erin, you started on -5. Then you counted 2., so your personal counter should be -3. Wth does marios post have to do with it?

Anyway, since there's been such a mess withrules- I'm calling a one-time void penalty since people are getting confused about rules- all penalties are suspended, everyone starts back at 0
Lets try for 100 this time! :B

Originally posted by Unodus:
2. Since there appear to be no objections, I'll introduce my idea >:3

Atm, the game revolves around cooperation to achieve a greater goal- which is fine by itself, but it needs motivation to keep an individual interested. Here's what I suggest:

Race for the 100
To be used in conjunction with the Count to 100 Game

This game adds a simple mechanic onto the existing game, to make things more... interesting >:3
Whenever you make a comment in the original game, you start by putting a counter that tracks where we are in the game- in this game, you continue to do so but put another counter at the end of your comment which acts as your personal counter (for example: 1. this is a comment .1). This counter is specific to you, and is the sum of all the public counts you've already made so far (for example: 2. this is a comment made after the first example by the same person. 3, 3. so is this one .6). You win once your personal counter reaches 100 or more! What do you win, you ask? Lets make things more interesting. 100 points! Thats right, 100 points on the FWG leaderboards. The game doesn't end when one person reaches 100 though, the threshold for that 100 points is only raised by another 100 once someone wins (ie: first round: 100, second round: 200, etc). Your personal counter resets whenever the public one does, and portraying your counter incorrectly also causes a public reset. Not complex enough? Every time you reset the count, your personal counter is permanetly set back by 5 every time you do (1st time: counter starts at -5, 2nd time: -10, etc).

So, to recap- new counter! Its a sum of your previous public counters, and resets in the same manner. If you get it to 100 or more, you get 100 points! If you reset a game though, you get a -5 penalty on your personal counter permanetly. The idea is that everyone now has an incentive to contribute, and a motive for sabotage. This should add some complexity to the game- so, sound fun? >:3 .2
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Or die trying really hard.
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Or do so, your choice.
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Have some tasty popcorn instead!
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Live to find the door
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You Do not Starve, Man :dswilsonscared:
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starving is not an option
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Deerclops, get off my camp.
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Nope, gonna change world options.
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Run for your life!
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eat sleep kill eat die
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fight creatures of nightmare
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Where your dinner fights back
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Charlie waits in the dark.
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