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KGhaleon Mar 2, 2013 @ 7:14pm
How do you survive winter?
I've tried to tough it out, but I always tend to run out of resources. Usually gets winter for me around day 12 and so far I haven't been successful in surviving it. I know there's winter clothes, but the items you need to craft them are kinda hard to get that quickly.
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Concrete Mar 2, 2013 @ 10:53pm 
For me it is cosistantly on day 21. I finally made it to winter with winter clothes ready. The previous times I died on Day 23. Good luck surviving with 8 less days.
KGhaleon Mar 3, 2013 @ 12:16am 
Yeah, best I can do is get the winter hat...then I died right before I could use it. I'm playing on adventure so maybe it's glitched and starts winter around the 12th. I'm going to try sandbox.
Venrez Mar 3, 2013 @ 2:05am 
Twice on Adventure Mode, Winter comes day 9. It is brutally difficult to survive, but I've managed to tough it out. It lasted until day 21. The next Winter at day 30 has ended me both times however, the first due to two giant treeguards near my campfire, the second due to a massive hound attack whilst I was out in the cold without a fire source. When I ressurected at my Meat Effigy, I made a mad dash for my gear out in the cold. Turns out, the Hounds were still waiting there a day later.

Annoyingly, each time I've died, I have been completely safe in regards to food and other supplies like wood or grass. The difficulty comes from taking an exceptional amount of damage from the cold unless you have a Winter Vest and Hat. Each death has come from a result of unfortunate circumstances coinciding to undo me, despite my Meat Effigy, or 3 amulets in a chest back at base.


Basically, you must acquire a Winter Hat, and the Winter Vest (the one that requires the Winter Koalefant Trunk) as soon as possible. If not, a Beefalo Hat and the Breezy Vest (made by the normal Koalefant Trunk) will suffice. Running around with a torch provides some heat, but will not help in the bitter cold if it is snowing.

A good idea is to carry a stack of pinecones on the move. When you require immediate warmth, place a tree and light it on fire with the torch. This will enable you to move around during the day and acquire what resources you can. At night, you must still make a normal campfire.

If you're still at base during Winter, it is a good idea to continue chopping and placing trees during your free time for extra wood and pinecones. Before Winter, also ensure you have an adequate supply of grass and twigs, preferably shovel-planted near your permanent base.
Keyes Mar 3, 2013 @ 3:40am 
start to prepare as fast as possible. Store food and mine both rock and wood. 4beeboxes will supply you greatly for the winter. Crops, grass and berry-bushes you planted won't grow, despite being fertilized.

You will need at least the normal Koalefant west to start and the winter hat. I usuallly establish permanent fireplaces in areas I farm or hunt. Should your character start to shiver and your screen gets "frozen", you should seek out the next fireplace and carry a torch. Your first effort during winter should be to aquire the winter west, so hunt the winter Koalefant. And make sure you have the necessary silk stash to craft it.

To aggro Koalefants use a ranged weapon or attack him while he is asleep with a torch and let him chase you around your campfire so you can switch to your logsuit. They give huge amounts of meat and the desired winter Koalefant trunk you need for your vest. A Koalefants will lose against tall birds. So chasing him into one of their nests is the easiest way to kill both.
I personally spend the first 11-19 days *1 day before winter depending on gamemode* collecting EVERYTHING then make my base neer a good suply of food Eg: Beefallo *recomended* or a pig village, also try to stay away from the scottish hunting walrus's unles you have armour, backup warm clothes and melee weps as they run faster then you and they can snipe you. I recomend playing as wolfgang or WX-78 If you have them, as wolfgang is good for killing more beefaloo/ koalaphants and WX-78 can eat spoiling food which, if you have spoiled food in winter and you dont say have enough health to get more or you are far from a food supply you are not going to live long. Also, I always ALWAYS hunt koalaphants when i can, as they give you 8 meat which lasts a phew days and there trunks can me made into vests. Next you need proper equipment, I usualy have: Equipded normaly: Spear, puffy/breezy vest *puffy is better*, winter hat/ the hat that the walrus drops, I forget the name but it basicly gives you more dapperness for tophat and more wormth then winter hat but it is hard to get. Unequip, until in combat: Logsuit/night armour, football helmet and maybe a night sword. Also keep a torch, supplies for a camp fire and a straw roll incase of night. If you start to freeze use the warm clothes and the torch, once you take freezing damage make a camp fire ASAP as you WILL freeze to death, warm clothes and torch cant save you at this point. At your base you SHOULD have: Fire pit, Science machine and alchemy enging, fire pit, ice box and chests.. Recomended are: WinterOmeter, walls. Do not attack the walrus hunters until prepared, Eg: warm clothes good armour and at LEAST spear+ boomerang/4+ fire dart. To kill beefalo push them away from the other beefaloo *it takes a while* then kill them. Wolfgang kills them quite fast normally taking only 1 or 2 hits. Try the hit and run tactic *let him attack, evade then hit 2 times or so repeat* The reason I say push it away is that the other beefaloo wont come if you are far away enough. If you dont have wolfgang + charecters play as wilson or willow, wendy is not the best charecter. I hope these tips help you survive, as I have survived many winters in a row with them. Last tips are: hunt spiders in the first phew days, after you have alot of resourses. 2 or 3 tear 1 spider dens will give you enough silk for a winter hat, when you have good armour and weapons get atleast 20 more, *I know its alot but with proper equipment its not that hard to get* and lastly, If you dont have enough stuff to kill beefaloo right away use a torch and razor to get beefaloo wool at night. shaving 2 beefaloo gives enough wool to get a winter hat. Always hunt the koalaphant AFTER you collect supplies, make your base near beefaloos but not TOO close same with pig villages. Happy Not Starving ~KillerDuskull
Kozzy Mar 3, 2013 @ 11:34pm 
Play sandbox, it comes around 20. Gives you longer time to get ready for winter.
well what i do is to kill the koalephants when you have enough for the bomerang (im playing as wolfgang beacause im brutally scared of winter) oh and also... set Mr.deerclops on fire....
<Ni>Shillen Apr 15, 2013 @ 8:42am 
Winter came for me on day 6. That's freaking brutal.
Diesel Apr 15, 2013 @ 9:19am 
Wilson is pretty amazing against winter too. His beared can keep you warm for 120 seconds along with a puffy fest and beefalo hat and you won't have to worry about freezing
WARBOSS KRUMP Apr 15, 2013 @ 9:21am 
I build a♥♥♥♥♥♥tonne of bird traps/rabbit traps and store up seeds to bait the bird traps with.

Meatballs throughout winter :D
skyte100 Apr 15, 2013 @ 12:03pm 
I found it really easy to survive winter. Traps for those wascally wabbits.
RetroMed Apr 15, 2013 @ 3:47pm 
Funny story I only had earmuffs and a heating stone through the whole winter it was pretty hard but i survived then it was summer again and on day 46 i died from spiders 6 days after winter. Oh the irony.
thegreatpie Apr 15, 2013 @ 4:31pm 
Live near rabbits. Build a crockpot. Make chests full of wood and rabbits. use any berries/carrots you find in combination with rabbit meat for meatballs. If you have to, meatballs with just rabbit meat. Always have enough wood and grass on hand for making a fire anywhere. Get yourself a heat stone asap.
I survive with a winter hat and a heat stone and ready at will campfires. For food I have like twenty rabbit traps I made during the summer along with chests full of rabbits from the summer. With a crock pot making meatballs out of rabbits, you Don't Starve ;) but you don't get much else done either.
brethren Apr 16, 2013 @ 1:24pm 
Jerky is helpul too, it's good for 20 days and restores a decent amount of sanity and health
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Heat stones are cheap and work extremely well (just remember to wait around your fire until it turns orange before heading out)

If worst comes to worst and you have absolutely no winter equipment at all, set up a fire near some trees, cut down the trees to fuel the fire so you don't freeze- if you run out of tree plant pinecones or move a short distance- and make a boomerang. Use the boomerang to hunt birds for morsels. Also, if you play as the strong man, your stomach is 50% bigger so you can last longer without food (you also do double damage and have more health)
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