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Galaxyfalcon Oct 28, 2013 @ 3:41pm
Loud mapwide roar
Recently in a new game I've been playing, there will be a periodic map wide roar/growl. I can't locate the location and it is a different sound than the hounds in addition to happening year round so I know it's not the deerclops.

In addition to the roar, there will be a short "creepy" sounds for a minute or so afterwards similar to when your sanity is low.

What's making the sounds?
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OmegaBeef Feb 9 @ 7:38am 
How high is your sanity?
J20Hawkz Feb 9 @ 7:56am 
How many passive monsters did you kill? Were you killing birds/beefalo/bees/rabbits/gobblers a lot?
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