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Attack Mammoth Feb 24, 2014 @ 5:04pm
Wendy/ Abigail Fixes and ideas
It is day 101 and Abigail has been pretty much useless. Whenever hounds show up she’s dead and they come 3-7 days now and with Abigail’s respawn time around 3-4 days it can be troublesome. When I need her to help farm spiders or fight tail birds she dead and why? It’s because she always tries to tank which isn’t always a good thing. When tree guards show up (which every 4 of so days two more decide to grace me with their presence) Abigail Starts to attack and I do what I can to try to get her to avoid them but she gets close enough, then she agros them and I have to pull out the pimp cane and hall it in the opposite direction so Abigail will stop fighting because she can’t take them and I’m in no way ready for a fight. Then she shows up almost dead with that sad look on her face. After that then hounds show up and she dies. This happens a lot with a lot of different enemies and there have been many times in when I would like to gather a certain thing but there are dangers nearby and Abigail will get killed if she comes or severely hurt, then she won’t be able to tank/ help me kill something later like tail birds. I would just like to say that I like Wendy and Abigail but the amount of time I’ve been hinder by her absence and lack of control I have over her has gotten me killed quite a lot. I like the dmg that she does how she does more dmg at night, how she attacks is fine and her heath is fine. I just feel that there should be a way to controller her a bit more.

I figured they could add in a something like a “phantom flower” that spawns after you summon her and if you equip it she huddles up too you and cant attack for as long as you have it equipped. if she is fighting something she stops trying to fight mobs and runs to huddle up to you. This flower or whatever item it is could drain sanity while you have it equipped for however much they choose (I mean id think id start to lose it if a ghost was huddling right next to me). If that’s not enough of a drawback they could make it to where Abigail or Wendy or both if they want take more damage then the flower is equipped. Maybe if they wanted you could drop it and she stays with the flower but won’t attack any mobs that come near the flower or Wendy. The reason I say “phantom flower” is that it should disappear when Abigail dies. There should still be the challenge of having to go get “Abigail’s flower” if she dies. If someone is fine the way Abigail controls they could be a option to consume it and the flower would be gone and free space in your inventory but won’t be able to control her like you would with it (then she acts the way she does now).Id actually be just fine with a way to make her wait somewhere.

Please let me know what you guys think. I realize its kind of hard to add something like this in without making it too easy. If you see any problems with is idea or a better idea please share it.
Don't Starve > General Discussion > Topic Details
Date Posted: Feb 24, 2014 @ 5:04pm
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