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geoforsy Feb 7 @ 7:15pm
Storing Rabbits?
Really weird, I can store live rabbits in a chest, and they never seem to die. Not sure what good that will do, as it takes about a chest full (9) per day to live, but it's interesting.
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Theo626 Feb 7 @ 8:02pm 
Well it stops them from spoiling which is a MAJOR problem, and why would it take 9 to survive a day, you should, (if you arent) start using a crock pot and farms, put 3 berries/ any other common veggie/fruit and 1 morsel/rabbit and you have meatballs, i believe they give 64 hunger 5 health and 5 sanity, never eat morsels cooked or raw unless you have to.
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Theo626 Feb 7 @ 8:04pm 
also if you dont like that rabbits dont stack get the "plantable rabbit hole" mod, you can move rabbits closer to your base and also it stacked them up to 64
Citronvand Feb 7 @ 9:32pm 
You can even use 1 monster meat + 3 vegetables to get meatballs.
Woudo Feb 7 @ 9:53pm 
Rabbits are treated as an item since they're used in crafting recipes. For that reason they can be placed in chests.
LeGo Feb 8 @ 1:26pm 
You can also make a lot of crock pots/drying racks and leave the food on them until you need it.
J20Hawkz Feb 8 @ 4:23pm 
I always keep 2 chests full of rabbits at all times. Plus 6 traps with a rabbit under it at all times Come winter this provides a fast way to cook up meat balls. I already have 5 beehives at main base and 30 berry bushes. Food is never a shortage.
Taryn Feb 8 @ 10:42pm 
Yes one of the best ways to keep rabbits is to find new places to store them, mostly in different places on the map during the game.
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