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snuggieman Feb 7, 2014 @ 4:22pm
any tips for a noob?
i played my first game a couple of hours ago with only watching one video on someone at day 40 somthing. i learned the hard way that there is no help once u press play,below are the things that happend my first game.

i almost always needed food (just about the only thing i ate were berries, seeds,
and rabits) at about day 11 i fiqured out how to farm. i made about 5 farms and that was basecly my only food sorce from then on. at about day 14 things started to go bad. my house was in the middle of of a pig-man vilage thing because i lerned from the one video i watched that they were friendly. then one day i went out to go collect rocks, i came back pretty late in the day to find out that all the pigs turned into wolf-like things,they then chased me untill day time were i fought them off with a spear that i found on the ground somewere. i had really low health and (to my knowledge) the only way to heal myself was to make somthing that nedded stuff from spiders. so i went down a hole i dug up at about day 5 and died almost amediatly by a super giant sider. (i died at day 17 i think)

tell me how i did and what i should do diferently next time i do play (also tell me about the characters, which one u think is best and why)

my questions about the game
1.) whats the point of walls, i tried to make some but realized that there would be noway out of it unless i left an opening which would then make the wall pointless

2.)whats the point of floors, i just dont understand how these could help anything

3.)whats the best way to stock up on lots of food, and if you say farms then whats the best way in the winter, cuz im pretty sure they dont grow stuff in the winter (not that ive been that far yet but still)

4.)is there anyway to heal yourself other than the thing that uses spider parts, and is there any easier way to get spider parts other than going down the scary hole

5.) im just gonna name more stuff that i dont know what to do with, petals, evil petals, rot, the stuff u get when u shave, gnome, (i forget what this ones called but its like a wodden box)

6.) is there anyway to survive under ground and what is the point of going underground.

if you answer any of these secific questions, tell me which number question you are answering first. also tell me any other helpfull hints you know about the game that you think will help me out.

*sory about my use of vocabulary (ex. spider parts, wodden box thing) feel free to comment and tell me anything that i said wrong
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J20Hawkz Feb 7, 2014 @ 4:35pm 
Pigs will turn into Werepigs on the night of a full moon. If pigs are visible on the players screen they will be seen running into their homes at which point they won't be affected by the moon and so won't turn into Werepigs. What I did was make a pig village a bit away from base. So if they ever did turn, they wouldn't be able to get to me.

I'll try and answer your questions as briefly as possible. With Don't Starve it's all about experimenting. If you were to know certain things before you begin it sort of defeats the purpose of playing this game. That's why there is no 'hand holding' in Don't Starve. It's just you and your wits.

My guide obviously contains hints and tips that can help out anyone new. I tried to make it as spoiler free as possible. But if you don't want to know which food items are the best or which traps are most often used to effectively kill off hounds etc... Then it's best to play and find things out yourself. Trust me. You will die. But at the same time, you'll learn as well.

1.) whats the point of walls, i tried to make some but realized that there would be noway out of it unless i left an opening which would then make the wall pointless

To be honest walls are pretty pointless unless you get to a point in the game where you want to start base building like a boss. Most people use walls to make choke points to funnel packs of hounds through, at which point they will run straight into a bunch of traps. Panic rooms can also be made. Best to experiment and find out more through playing. Stone walls won't burn.

2.)whats the point of floors, i just dont understand how these could help anything

Again just for making an ultimate base.

3.)whats the best way to stock up on lots of food, and if you say farms then whats the best way in the winter, cuz im pretty sure they dont grow stuff in the winter (not that ive been that far yet but still)

I explained this in my guide. To survive winter you must have successfully got through summer gathering enough supplies for winter. If you didn't plan well enough during summer, winter will be very difficult to survive. However if you have a crock pot, cooking meat balls by killing a rabbit or two a day, and using berries as fillers will be enough to get you through.

4.)is there anyway to heal yourself other than the thing that uses spider parts, and is there any easier way to get spider parts other than going down the scary hole

I explained this in my guide. There are many ways. You could even have your own spider farm and get as many silk and spider glands as you need.

5.) im just gonna name more stuff that i dont know what to do with, petals, evil petals, rot, the stuff u get when u shave, gnome, (i forget what this ones called but its like a wodden box)

Petals can be gathered to make a garrland for increasing sanity. Rot can be used as fertiliser. I use rot to fertilise berry bushes. You only need 1 rot to fertilise 1 berry bush. Beard hair is what you get when you shave, it's used to make a meat effigy. Gnomes are just for decorating, or given to the pig king for gold. I prefer to use it as decoration.

6.) is there anyway to survive under ground and what is the point of going underground.

People have managed to survive underground. But it's not easy. Point of going underground is for many reasons. Mainly though for an extra challenge and to get more resources such as flint and stone etc...

My guide. It covers a lot of points a new player should need to know. I recommend reading though this at least once before you play again.
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imsomony Feb 7, 2014 @ 4:46pm 
Just to add a bit to a couple of J20's answers...

2) Also to stop lureplant eyes from forming.

3) Yep, check his guide, filled with good stuff! In a nutshell, you'll want to learn to kill animals for meat and cook it over a fire or in a crockpot. The crockpot allows for combining ingredients into lots of recipes that have varying hunger/health/sanity benefits. Drying racks are useful for making jerky, which has it's own health/hunger/sanity benefit. Bonus - food on a crockpot or jerky on a rack doesn't spoil.

4) Spiders live aboveground as well. They're very common in large forests and swamps (swamps are dangerous places though, be careful!)

snuggieman Feb 7, 2014 @ 5:05pm 
thanks that helps a ton, but one last question, how do u pick up and move berry bushes?
J20Hawkz Feb 7, 2014 @ 5:07pm 
Use a shovel to uproot berry bushes.
Alice Ryu Feb 8, 2014 @ 6:42pm 
Many things were covered, but I think I'll go into details about the Characters. There are 9 total unlockable characters in Don't Starve.

Wilson The Gentleman Scientist *Grows a magnificent beard Starting charater. Average all around, but using his beard he has a GREAT advantage over the other characters. He is the only one that doesn't have to lower sanity for Beard Hair to make a meat Effigy, as he grows a shavable beard. Also, if you don't shave before the first Winter arrives (default seasons), he will have the heighest teir of Beard, providing longer time you can stay out in the cold. If he has a fully charged Heat Stone, full Beard, Puffy Vest, and a Beefalo Hat, he can stay out for 3 days without needing to heat up near a fire! THAT is some nice insulation.

Willow The Firestarter *Has a sweet lighter *Lights fires when nervous *Immune to heat damage Good for players who forget to plan to make a fire at night. Has a lower sanity than most (Normal being 200, hers 120) but can regain sanity when standing REALLY close to a fire. Her lighter she starts with can be useful for travelling around at night in the early part of the game, having less light shed than a Torch but never runs out of flames, making it easy to explore more than normal and collecting more food than characters who have to stay near a Camp Fire or Fire Pit in fear of having their Torch run out.

Wolfgang The Strongman *Gets stronger on a full belly *Is afraid of the dark and monsters Wolfgang loses more sanity than the average bear, but he makes up for it with his power. When on a full belly (lasts 3 minutes unsustained) he does much more damage than any of the others. He has his fights normally cut a lot shorter than the others (Looking at you Wendy!) so he doesn't lose much sanity. good for fighting situations, but not all that great if you find yourself in Adventure Mode Chapter 5.

Wendy The Bereaved *Can summon her dead sister *Comfortable with the darkness *Doesn't hit very hard Have to say, Wendy isn't all that great of a fighter. Does 0.75 less damage than Wilson. But made up by Abigail, her dead sister. Wendy starts off with Abigail's Flower. When Wendy can summon Abigail, you need to place her Flower on the ground and kill a mob near it. Wendy's death will work, but if you kill a Rabbit or Bird from your inventory it won't count. Abigail does 0.75 her normal damage in Day, 1.00 in Dusk, and 1.25 in Night (I think?), so she is good for fighting in Winter (long Dusk + Night) and is also good for fighting spiders. Why? She doesn't hit one at a time, she hits all things in a certain range (not same for Tentacles though, only one kill at a time for them).

WX-78 The Soulless Automaton *Damaged by rain, charged by lightning *Not a picky eater *Can be upgraded by gears Ah, time for the robot. WX-78 starts off as probably the most bland character stat-wise. 100 everything. Hunger, Health, Sanity, all 100. Of course, kill a few Clockworks, and he is beefed up. At max upgrades, he has 300 Sanity, 400 Health, and 200 Hunger. Of course, you need 15 Gears to be fully upgraded, but if you found the Wooden Thing I doubt you need that Divining Rod now. And, if you eat a carrot that's been left out for 5 days, you don't get any penalties. It's as if you just ate a freshly picked one! But then here the bad things come in.... WX-78 is a robot, and what do robots hate? Water. Being out in the rain gives you a lovely 1 damage every 2 seconds, and also makes him emit sparks. No Charlie will get you if your in the lovely rain in the middle of Night! And now, System Overload. When WX-78 is hit by lightning, he gets a health regain, a small speed boost, and is bright enough to keep the Grue away. These eeffects last a good day. the price of this? A mere 33 sanity taken from you. did I mention he can be hit by lightning again while in system overload? Oh yeah, Rot still hurts you if you eat it, same as Rotten Eggs.

Wickerbottom The Librarian *Knows many things *Can't sleep, hates spoilage *Self-puplishes books As it implies, she can make books. She starts with all Science Machine recipes already unlocked. She starts with 2 Papyrus in her inventory, and has a Book tab, where she can make books. All books require Papyrus and a special ingredient to make. They all cost sanity to make their effects happen and have multiple uses. Also, she can't sleep unless you eat a Cooked Mandrake, so don't bother with Tents or Straw Rolls. Spoiled or rotten food give even LESS than normal compaired to other characters eating them.

Woodie The Lumberjack *Has a lovely Axe *Has a terrible secret Woodie is a Canadian lumberjack who has a strange curse and a talking Axe. Every full moon, or after chopping down to many trees in a certain time, he turns into a Werebeaver. In this Werebeaver form, you can't pull up the map or pick up items. It's good to turn into a Werebeaver if you need to get stuff done, and fast, as long as you have enough logs to sustain this mode. He only has one stat, a Log Meter. This meter has 100 max and runs out at 2 points every 2.5 seconds. Bushes, Logs, Grass, and Saplings are all good for filling this back up. He does the same damage as a Tentacle Spike, and his hide takes 80% of all damage, making him good for taking down Spider Dens and other profitable enemies. He can also mine Boulders in this state, and chop down trees (that's a given, at least) so you can take care of buisiness fast. when the Log Meter runs out, Woodie faints and next day wakes up. he will have his inventory dumped wherever he first transformed, and when he turns back into a human he will have 1/3 sanity health and hunger. Now onto his Axe. Lucy the Axe is Woodie's starting item. Lucy chops down trees twice as fast as other Axes (10 on Totaly Normal Tree for Lucy, 20 for others), does more Melee damage than other Axes, can talk to Woodie, and has no durability. Woodie also chops down trees faster than other characters, making it easy to transform. However, if you chop down trees with Lucy (Who else?) she will start to comment on how you seem to be 'spacing out' when you're near a transformation. Use this to your advantage.

Wes The Silent *Can't talk *Has trouble staying alive *Practices balloonomancy Wes is a mime. Mimes don't talk. Therefore, he can't speak. Wes has 150 sanity (30 higher than Willow), 113 Health (38 higher than Maxwell), and 113 hunger (drains 1.25x faster than Wilson). Wes also looses sanity at a faster rate, although not as fast as Wolfgang standing next to a Spider Queen. He is considered a 'hard-mode' character because of these stats. he starts off with the Pile O' Balloons in his inventory. He can use this to blow up a Balloon at the cost of 5 Sanity. When a Balloon is attacked, it explodes and does 5 damage. A balloon can set off another balloon, causing a chain reaction. He only uses gestures to explain things, so he isn't real helpful in that area as the gestures are random.

Maxwell The Puppetmaster *Is dapper but frail *Can fragment his mind *Brings his own sword I don't even know where to begin. He has 75 health, 200 Sanity, and 150 Hunger. He has a 20 sanity regen (passive) so no worry on sanity. he has the best starting items in the game. Dark Sword, Night Armour, 1 Purple gem, 4 Nightmare Fuel, and the Codex Umbra. He can use the Codex Umbra at the cost of 2 Nightmare Fuel, lowers overall sanity by 55, and damages Maxwell for 15 hp to summon a Shadow Maxwell. There can be up to 3 of these at a time. A Shadow Maxwell will last for 2.5 days and will help the player fight, chop trees, and mine. After the Shadow dies, Maxwell will have his sanity restored.

Oh my gosh. this is a LOT of text... Hope this helps!
Bikeman501 Feb 8, 2014 @ 9:24pm 
Take a Tallbird Egg. Just... just do it.
BrotherWolfZero Feb 8, 2014 @ 9:53pm 
start of on easy intill u get fimiler with all the items and AI
Clarion77 Feb 28, 2014 @ 11:47pm 
The description of your first game experience sounds epic, to me at least. I think you made a great go of it. I wouldn't negate or contradict any of the advice given to you, but I would list a few things, in my own way, you may benefit from.

1. Use walls as a maze. You can trap turkeys in a small enclosure with a berry bush.
2. In general ground cover, as well as wood flooring seem to have different qualitys.
Grassland seems to be better for crops. You can use a pitchfork to lift the existing soil and right click your grassland squares where you need them. Savannah increases my players stability as far as sanity goes, so if you border the two, you get the benefits. If I plant crops on woodland soil, they don't seem to last as long as on grassland. They also seem to take longer to mature. If your rock fireplace is placed on the savanah grass, the light reflects for better visiblity at night.
3. Store live rabbits in backpacks, piggybacks or chests. They won't die or rot till you need them. A storage container left on the trail or at a line camp can keep your character alive. Uncooked crockpot food will spoil in the crockpot but if it has been cooked it should be good when you harvest it. So the more crockpots you have the more available food you will have for fast eating. Farmplots are still a good way of storing food for winter. You just can't eat the vegetables till you are ready to crockpot. If you harvest some, there should be time to replant for winter. Dried meat is arguably the best form of food. Once off the drying rack it will slowly spoil, but it is excellent for stabilizing sanity. Crockpots will give you a balanced meal and a major hunger and health improvement. Cooking seeds and berries and carrots will give you a health bonus instead of just filling hunger but won't help sanity. The dried meat is best for that.
4. Don't go down scary holes for spider parts. The dried meat can do that for you, but to completely cure you it will take a lot. As would the spider salve. The spider salve is good too, but you don't want to get killed trying to make it. The best way to get spider slave without getting killed is to use traps. Just put them around the spider nests. You don't even have to step on the nest, just on the edges. When they come out at night they will get trapped. If you can only make four traps thats good enough. Put them all around the nest, or the path they will take. Invariably the spiders will come out, so you should have a weapon, your hatchet or spear should be enough. Run very fast if it is the yellow jumping spiders they will kill you quickly. If it is a mature queen that gets up, she will spew out spiders and be very crabby. It you persist with the traps she will make another small hive and it will be small. When the little black spiders are all gone, you can attack the nest and destroy it. At first only take on one little black spider at a time or they will kill you.
5. Do not touch evil flowers they will make you sick. Insanity. There are parts of the game where you might need them for making things but for now they are only a health hazard. I just burn them, but they do have a use later on and you might want them at some point. Also, there are things like ectoplasm that will make you sick also. If you are resurrected there is a blob of ectoplasm left you should move away from it, till you get to the point where you know what you want to do with it in the game. Monster meat from the spider traps will rot and turn into fertilizer for your berry bushes you transplant. Red mushrooms are poisonous but will turn to rot to fertilize any of your plants also.
6. The character descriptions given here are really good.
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