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Proteus Launch Issue Fix
Készítette: Bethlemos
Issue: Game won't launch. Follow the few steps provided in this guide to make Proteus run on your PC....
How to enable and use debug mode
Készítette: flarn2006
Like many games, Proteus contains a hidden debug mode, and in this case it is very easy to activate. This guide will tell you how to activate debug mode, and what its functions are....
How to go faster to places
Készítette: Vash L.E.
Too slow for you? No problem. This will Help you....
How to Play Proteus
Készítette: Gondile
This detailed documentation of the hit indie success Proteus teaches you the basics on how to experience the adventure of a lifetime....
Proteus. Прохождение, обзор мира и его особенностей
Készítette: Neiromonah
Почти нигде нет обьяснений о том, как пройти игру, и какие возможности она предоставляет. Я решил написать этот обзор в помощь себе и вам, дорогие игроки. Мы поговорим о прохождении, сезонах, живности, сохранениях, и прочих вещах...
Proteus Secret Random Teleportation
Készítette: Gandalf the white
A guide that shows off a major secret in Proteus that no-one has noticed before....
ProteusPedia: Fauna & Flora
Készítette: pleaf
Nice thing about Proteus is that creator didn't really include any in-game guide. So now we are on our own, exploring, watching. If you have seen any things that are not listed here, we really appreciate that you post them here. Be ware of course, that ...
My guide to Proteus
Készítette: Vektor (Dets65)
Your answer to Proteus's many secrets....
Major Landmarks
Készítette: Zinker Was Alone
In Proteus, there are many major landmarks that commonly appear throughout the islands. I'm making a list of them here and noting what I have noticed them do. Also, you learn how to sit down like a Pro....
Winning Proteus: Seasons and Stones
Készítette: Pudding
Did you know that there's more to Proteus than looking at pretty pictures and listening to pretty music? There's actually a goal in Proteus, and once you win, you unlock a few new features! In this guide, we'll dive in and take a look....
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