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Solo the CyberpunK 2013年2月17日 11時19分
Extreme lag
The game is unplayable for me, I'm experiencing extreme lag even in the main menu, even at the smaller resolution. Strange, because I can run games like Rage without problem.Solutions?
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[TK!] 50,000lbs. 2013年2月17日 11時46分 
There are a couple of different threads on the Proteus site forums about technical issues:

You should check out these and see if any of them have a solution to your problem. Otherwise, you can post in there with your system spec so the developers can see it.

EDIT: You might try the Beta build of the game to see if your problem gets fixed with the updates they plan on making.
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Solo the CyberpunK 2013年2月17日 17時41分 
Ok, problem solved: the driver for my ATI graphic card was up-to-date, but I installed the BETA driver, and now it works. Maybe it was a problem with Windows 8/graphic card driver.

ZuLummaR 2013年5月29日 3時21分 
Same issue here on Windows 8. Beta driver worked and also it fixs a crash in Company of Heros as well!
最近の変更はZuLummaRが行いました; 2013年5月29日 3時27分
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