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SoarerFullHD Jan 7 @ 2:31am
Should you buy Proteus?
Well I recently just 'finished' the game, whether or not you can call it finishing is up for debate.

My thoughts on it are:
  • It's definately a unique experience
  • In my OPINION it's well worth two measely dollars. - $2 can't hurt your wallet severely... can it?
  • It can possibly teach you something valuable if you look past the surface, that is unless you suffer from ADD/ADHD, then it may take you several attempts.. what's that dog doing? -What does it teach you? well that's up to your own interpretation of the work
  • Is it Art or a Game? In my opinion it's art (art is subjective, whether you consider it art is you're own opinion, not mine) with physical interaction between your mouse/keyboard (You) and what's on screen

There I did, my impressions on this piece of work. Now, feel free to insult :P
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Wawa Skittletits Jan 7 @ 6:40am 
i agree. it's a wonderful piece of art.
Jarl Jan 7 @ 8:01am 
After reading up here I give my €2 to a homeless guy on the way back after work.
DaGReen Jan 7 @ 8:38am 
lol, no i dont know if i should buy this game or spend my money on a homeless guy.
Eberon Jan 7 @ 10:01am 
I gave a homeless guy $2 dollars and he was so happy he hugged me... I say buy the game.
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