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r@BiD-@nT 14 април в 8:59сут.
Cheat Codes

iddqd = god mode
idkfa = all items
idspispopd = no clipping
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Jazman2k 22 април в 7:29сут. 
This isn't Doom 2.

IDCLEV + 2 numbers = Choose any level.
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r@BiD-@nT 22 април в 7:40сут. 
Smashing Pumpkins Into Small Piles Of Putrid Debris (idspispopd) is the original Doom, and is, in fact, a meme from 1993, before the game even came out, before "memes" were called "memes"

I believe it was replaced in Doom 2 as the very uninspired "idclip"

Ahh BBSes and Newsgroups... damn I'm old....
Последно редактиран от r@BiD-@nT; 22 април в 7:40сут.
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