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Vulpes Velox Mar 17, 2014 @ 4:32am
Meditative, Relaxing, Weird
When you complete the game once, you gain multiple options, such as changing how long day and night last, whether you can see the guiding lights to the time-speeding circle, and how 'wild' the new islands are. You can find some really fascinating and beautiful combinations of possibilities this way, mixing up the geology and sounds, and colors and locations, creating a wide range of landscape aesthetics.

Some creatures are rare amazing finds. I had some kind of flying snake summer creature moving around the house, and it was a really nice sound. The plentiful variety of possible sounds and chords the music makes, from where you walk, to what the weather's like, to the creatures, the plants and especially the season. Raining is pretty and sounds great with some of the birds and frogs.

Autumn season is really mysterious and full of secrets: floating glowing collections of orbs appear and roam the landscape, and they will chase you down, giving you strange changed visions of the surrounding area, whether visions of winter, or dancing vegetation, or time slowing down, or wild color shifts.

The towers, the totem circle, the big tree, and the house have particular visual and audio events and effects in Autumn. The towers get intimidating and seem to finally be inhabited, but I especially like the ghost wolf and creepy bear shaman thing you can try to chase...

Almost forgot about them, cause I'm so used to them, but those singing rocks that make a breeze that shakes the trees and plants and rocks and points the way towards the time speeding circle, they're pretty cool too.

Enjoying this game.
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