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Posivated 2014年2月22日下午8:13
Where can I get the soundtrack?
Anyone know where I can buy it from? I must of not redeemed the code when I go it through humble.
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Spiral_Head 2014年3月14日下午8:46 
if you got it with the bundle, you can get it through the humble site. log in, go to my library, click music, scroll until you find the proteus soundtrack
Posivated 2014年3月15日上午5:02 
Yea I found it, but upon doing some research they actually haven't released the soundtrack yet. The 10 minute song with the humble bundle is some exclusive thing.
Spiral_Head 2014年3月15日下午6:35 
That is the soundtrack. This game's music is interactive, so there is no set "soundtrack". This 10 minute song is actually a combination of all the sounds you can find throughout the game, condensed into a single track.
Posivated 2014年3月16日上午5:28 
On the proteus website they said that was not the soundtrack and it was supposed to be coming summer of 2013, which it hasn't yet. So i'm assuming they arnt making one.
Lengray 2014年4月1日下午1:46 
Why not just play the game for an hour and record the audio output?
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skzk 2014年5月1日上午7:31 
Kanaga said in January that there'd be news "soon". Looks like he works on Valve time, too.

最后由 skzk 编辑于; 2014年5月1日上午7:31
Posivated 2014年5月1日下午12:30 
Lol valve time indeed, thanks for the update.
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