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KaliVasquez Jun 26 @ 12:28pm
What secrets did you find so far?
Here's what I have already seen:
- (autumn/fall) during night you can spot a white wolf/fox spirit near the big tree, you'll hear it when it appears
- (autumn/fall) when you get close to the old cottage, time stops and colours change
- (any time) when you run into a tower, you teleport to different location
- (autumn/fall) at night, when you're standing near the tower, weird shadows appear in the sky, colours change and eerie music plays (not so eerie actually)
- (autumn/fall) when you run into a cloud of sparks, the surroundings change for a few minutes, like trees lose their leaves or sky turns different colour
- (autumn/fall) at night, stand between the statues on the hill for a longer while - sky turns red, stars sparkle, and soon a big, dark, birdlike character appears. when you try to get close, it runs away heading to the big tree, then disappears behind it

Saw more? Please, comment below!
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Charlie Brown Jun 26 @ 7:09pm 
Darude - Sandstorm, took 9 days to find this secret
Vulpes Velox Jun 29 @ 8:01am 
Its interesting you say that creature is bird-like, I thought it was bear-like.
Autumn has the most events, and location events usually only happen at night, but there are a few others.
For example, the totem circle during spring night gets some strange music and a green sky with a light show.
Summer has the most variety of creatures though, including most (or all?) of the spring creatures.
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