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Vulpes Velox Jul 16, 2014 @ 6:03am
The flying serpents and the house
This is now one of my favorite secrets of the game, maybe more than the totem circle summoning!

This happens during summer, but keep in mind it might not happen the 1st day, so you could wait for second day, or go to the stone circle during the 1st summer night to bring the next day sooner.

You will eventually find a pair of firey worm or snake like things with stubby wings, flying in loops above you in the air and making pretty electronic sounds. Wherever they appear, they eventually head towards the house on the island, and fly around the area all day.

At night, they both go into a single tree not too far away from the house. There they make a duet of two sounds that could be a riff from ambient or chill-out music. When dawn comes, they leave the tree and fly around the house area again.

If you choose to go to move on into autumn / fall though, you may see both of them looking more white fire than orange/pink, and they will be flying around the house for a bit longer, but eventually they both leave together, flying up into the sky.
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