Chivalry: Medieval Warfare
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How to make bannanna bread
โดย Fireant9
You might want to show those mason knights and vanguards what pain really means but you defientley cant show them your new claymore with an empty stomache so here is the recipe for bannana bread....
Awesome Chivalry project!
โดย [FIST] LioNs_GaTe_ - awesome unique porject for Chivalry: Medieval Warfare players....
All Taunts, Respects and Insults!
โดย Monika "I.Q." Weiss
How to Make Pumpkin Bread
โดย Fireant9
Obviously those Agatha rats decided to make a guide on banana bread but I'm here to tell you those corupted monkey Fuckers don't know anything about cooking and we present you with how to make pumpikin bread.Please briefly read this guide and get back t...
How to become a sneaky smurf
โดย ⎛⎝O⎠⎞Spasiba
Today you will learn how to become a blue skinned gnome faggot with a condom hat and behave like one,, prick. First off you need to look COOL, very cool. So to how do I becoma not only a smurf but a sneaky smurf? ...
How to get better in Chivalry.
โดย nopinkcreations
The story of Mark....