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chivalry official master guide
av PsychoWalrus
this guide relies on research that was done for over 7 months please respect it step 1:be good at chivalry step 2:collect underpants step 3: step 4:profit ...
Utilizing Your Weapons with Chivalry
av [Kykrk] Druid
Welcome to Chivalry, a game played by many, but few know how to play. I took time to make this guide to explain to others the importance of utilizing your weapons and how they are and are not ment to be used. Do not feel discouraged by haters or bucket he...
Part II - Utilizing Your Weapons with Chivalry.
av [Kykrk] Druid
I am now making this guide to continue my efforts to show beginners about other weapons, please read the previous guide if you have not done so already. I hope that this guide will help you. beginners will learn about the second set of Primarys that are a...
Part III - Utilizing your weapons with Chivalry.
av [Kykrk] Druid
The Final Guide for the Beginners on "how to use" this will have the final weapons for the Vanguard and Knight. Remember that this guide is for beginners, not for pros who know how to drag, none of that....