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SERVER ISSUE "Loading game, please wait"
I cannot connect to any of my 3 game servers my clan runs. But I can connect to many many other servers no problems. Ive tried every fix posted on forums regarding this issue with no results. Heres what I tried.

Reinstalling Game
Windows 7 update / restart
Steam Verify Integrity Cache
Deleted Multiple SurpressNet from UDK.ini file
Deleted servermaster2 file
disabled firewall
Ran steam big window
Tried joining server through friends from steam

Im running windows 7 with an i7 2600k 8 gigs ram GTX 570 GFX

Im not a novice to exploring issues with games but ive researched every resource at my dissposal online. Im not a lazy person and asking for help is always my last recourse. So here I am asking for help.

We have 3 servers all from our own server box located in Las Vegax really really highend boxes.

1 server is on its on box the other 2 servers chucknorris fight club and enterthedragon are running on a seprate box. So 2 diffrent IP address the only thing the 3 servers have in common is the location.

Now my clan mates have no issues joining the server and many many pubs have joined with no lagg issues. Im from Halifax Nova Scotia my friend in PEI which is a province away but also in Canada can join this server without any issues. So region blocks for Canada are not an issue.

Please help me find a solution too this issue any help would be greatly apprecaited.

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L. 2013年2月10日 14時33分 
I have a similar problem. I'm from Brazil, and i can't connect to any brazilian server, but i can connect to other servers. I got the "Please wait while the game loads" message. This is frustrating, because other servers have the latency too high for me. I'll quit this game, and I will not recommend to anyone I know.
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That's because DDM server doesn't appear in the server browser. DDM's server isn't opened. That's why you can't join your clan server.
Any chance you guys are from Argentina/Uruguay?
There seem to be some funky internet routing issues.
Algero の投稿を引用:
That's because DDM server doesn't appear in the server browser. DDM's server isn't opened. That's why you can't join your clan server.
Is that why the server is full? And any ways its not called DDM server, Its called Fraghard or Chuck Norris Enter The Dragon.
And no, we are not from Argentina. I am from the US, in Cali, and I'm not the one with the connecting issues, Hellspawn is. Hes from Canada, Halifax Nova Scotia. ?
I'm from Canada aswell and It only took me 10 seconds to join due to the amount of people in there.
Still doesn't change the fact that he cannot join.....
Same here....Plz someone help us
same problem here, I'm from germany and I can't connect to most GER/NL/FR servers.
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