The Banner Saga: Factions

The Banner Saga: Factions

My Opinions So Far (Power 6)
So far I have tried the game out and gotten 3 of every class to rank 1 making it possible to try a limited amount of formations from a maxed out 1st barracks. Although I could expand barracks and get more units to eventually have 2-3 of every possible unit (Depending on the class, giants are max 2, so no need for 3, ect)

The game in general has no point. You pvp for renown to level units and thats it. Renown is used for everything, and renown is hard to get, especially if you lose (average 5 - 11 renown losing, but avg 11 - 15 winning, with highest so far 21 with underdog bonus and expert mode in quick match). If you spend renown to get a unit and then decide you do not like the unit, you are screwed as there is no way to get your renown back, even a portion if you decide you want to get rid of a unit you will no longer use in your newly improved formation. On top of this the fact that there is no real goal here the amount of players who stay and play is miniscule to the amount of players who have tried the game ( at least a few thousand players have tried based off of hall of fame, but less than 20 people seem to be on all day and using chat ). You know the population is low when players have to log on and ask if there is any one online.

This game also has some few minor bugs, and could use a lot of enhancements to make it something worth playing for longer than a few days. Simply beating your opponent because you got stronger units, or a better formation is simply not a good enough reason to continue playing, especially for a miniscule reward at the end. But, there is no point in criticising the game in its current state without also giving some suggestions in return. Below is what I have come up with, let me know what you think.

1. Strongarms ability does 1 armor damage at all levels, even when for example at level 3 it is supposed to do 5 armor damage +1 armor damage to each unit hit by the knocked back unit. This is bad if you are using it offensively to break armor, but this is good if your using it to knock your units behind enemy lines, with only a 1 armor loss and the bonus of bypassing the positioning of the enemy with little risk it is not really balanced or fair. If your using it to knock your units behind enemy lines, its fine that its bugged and only does 1 armor damage, but it also only breaks 1 armor when used, even with armor break added. This has been tested on many different units so its not like I used Strongarms ability on a raid master soaking up the damage.

2. Getting a new unit is relatively cheap, if its an inexperienced unit. You can easily get the 10 renown in 2 loses or a single win and be good to go. But then you need to win 2 games or lose 4 games on average to promote him, as well as get 5 kills if you bought them inexperienced. Then if you want to promote them again at 15 kills it requires 80 renown which with luck could be 7-8 wins or if not lucky about 16 loss', although you can still get about 11 renown in quick match expert mode if you are fighting a higher power player and manage to kill about 4 - 5 of their units before losing. Games on average take about 30 minutes at the 6 power range so as a new player it could take a day or two of playing to reach power 6 with their starting team + any additional units if they try to customize their formations. This is a huge negative aspect of this game, and really makes the game not worth playing long term.

- I suggest making it possible to fire a unit you have recruited and in return get all spent renown on that unit back. This would highly improve the game, giving players the ability to test out new formations, and get rid of units should they decide they like their new formations. At the very minimum at least make it possible to get half the renown back. Getting no renown back sucks, especially in a game where renown is used to get everything unless you spend real $.

3. Units need further improvement, more vast promotion trees. It is pretty nice having the basic starter unit evolve into 3 possible other units, but thats all there is currently which is also a HUGE negative downside to the game. You might think its simple, but its TOO SIMPLE. The possible formations that are very effective are small. A formation without giants will excel at being able to have more units attacking enemy giants at once, but will also have lower strength and armor overall, as well as lose the abilities that giants have in general which is nice. A formation with 3 archers is good as long as their behind things, but if the enemy team has a Strongarm they can easily knock a giant or another unit behind enemy lines where those archers will get slaughtered. Add in backbiters and its basically a 3 v 6 match.

-Make it possible for all Tier 2 units able to evolve or promote into 2 other possible units. I already know some ideas about this is in the works as the mead house shows a 4th picture with a question mark in it when showing possible promotions of a unit. But I hope the units become more diverse and in large amounts. If the current units are all there is going to be with maybe 1 additional promotion added to each base class, then I do not think this game will survive long term. There is no real strategy when most players are using similar formations.

(Games like atlantica online with a turn based strategy system involving many units and promotions of the like last because the possible strategies are vast, there are so many different formations that could be effective, and dozens and dozens of units and promotions to those units that make it better. This game lacks such strategy and customization.)

4. Add something that gets players to bond together. Factions (get it ?) would be a good improvement, with maybe faction vs faction battles with a reward to the top 3 every week in pvp, with maybe renown as a reward based on ranking. Possibly make it possible to spend renown in your faction in exchange for permanent boosts to your units. Say spending 200 renown increases the max stats of all your units by one. Multiple people in the faction could spend some renown that gets added into that pool of renown, when it reaches 200 every one in the faction gets say +1 to max stats on all units. Then it increases by 200 renown to 400 renown. When 400 renown is added to faction everyone gets +1 to max stats again, and this continues to a max of say +10 max stats at +2000 renown.

-(By this i mean the max you can have for every stat is increased by one, including a +1 to the maximum amount of points you can spend. So max on str+1, armor +1, max stat points +1 and so on, and in the end you can allocate say 21 points on a power 1 unit on a faction who has raised this to max)

5. All the maps I have played seem to be big enough to where you can spread your units out and risk the enemy putting all their units together on one side, putting you at a disadvantage from round 1, or you can simply pick a side of the map to start on. The maps are big enough to where 2 players can fit all their units. This means it is possible to have 2 v 2 matches both normal and ranked, and making it possible for people to make their own duo teams, furtherly increasing the strategy possible, as well as the tactics required to win. (1 stone wall team mate +1 aoe guaranteed dmg team mate vs 2 normal teams = 1st team probably going to win) Adding this in with double the renown rewards (because its double the players) would be great, and make the renown grinding feel less painful, especially if you win.

These are my opinions, let me know what you think, and i'll add more ideas as I come up with them. This game is fun but i would love to see it improve. The fact that I am a fan of games like tactics ogre, fire emblem, and final fantasy tactics is probably the only reason I have stayed and played the game longer than a day.
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Aleonymous Sep 27, 2013 @ 4:35am 
Hello and well me! Thanks for your suggestions. I have replied to your post in the stoicstudio forums:
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