sherfu_marcus Jan 28, 2013 @ 6:01pm
Level 30 boss
I'm finally playing through the latest version. I'm at the end of level thirty. The bosses hit points seems really low compared to first two bosses. Either that or the grenades I used on 'em were extra powerful. When do nornal healths work? If a friendly has taken damage but you haven't run down the chassis, then it will heal you? It's hard to tell when picking up health will be useful. I like the way the chassis work now, mostly. It definitely changes the dynamic of the game, you can really buff up your favorite droid and keep her around longer while using other friendlies as meat shields. I like how this rewards skillful gameplay but for some reason, conceptually, it doesn't seem right that all the droids basically have the same "armour". I have no simple suggestion for a better system tho so :) I'm not really switching between droids using the number keys at all, I do miss 'q' and 'e' for that. Overall I'm having a lot of fun playing through this again. Awesome work!
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cprince  [developer] Jan 29, 2013 @ 2:10am 
You can still use the scrollwheel or R/F or PgUP/PgDN to switch droids.

The level 30 boss is not any less powerful than it should be, you were probably just packing a beast of a droid to defeat it with (nades and rockets are super powerful).

Health powerups will repair a damaged droid up to its current chassis maximum, and even then, only a small amount. They're only really useful in emergencies. I still might do more tweaking in that area. The forthcoming RPG DLC will have a means to repair droids more thoroughly though. Think of "arcade mode" as just the trainer for a much more interesting game to come :)
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