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sherfu_marcus 2013 年 01 月 13 日 @ 上午 2 時 51 分
K999 Snowball Effect
I mentioned this in an earilier discussion, wanted to show it. I started from level 51. I'm uploading the other parts to this video to my You Tube account: sherfumarcus, if you're curious as to how I got myself in this mess. As I write this I haven't died yet. We'll see how far I can get when I pick my saved game back up.

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cprince  [開發人員] 2013 年 01 月 13 日 @ 上午 3 時 09 分 
the K999 is rather too awesome now isn't it. Expect nerfing. I do actually have a perfectly awesome plan in that regard.
sherfu_marcus 2013 年 01 月 13 日 @ 上午 5 時 21 分 
She IS too awesome! So is the K901 Assassin. My favorite Droid. And there's maybe one, or two others in that category. But why shouldn't they be? See what they're up againist! This string of K999 danger zones is the only thing that is really cheap in my mind, cus once you're in the swing of things it can go on forever, and can get real tedious. I do like how in the later levels the danger zones transform into a safe haven that you work toward achieving (as opposed to middle levels where you may shy away from them). Of the Assassin power droids, those two mentioned by name definitely dominate. I don't even know what the other little red guy is called - he needs to step it up! :)

An excited evil laugh to "perfectly awesome plans".
最後修改者:sherfu_marcus; 2013 年 01 月 13 日 @ 上午 5 時 31 分
spiritofcat 2013 年 01 月 13 日 @ 下午 3 時 56 分 
Back in Paradroid the really powerful droids tended to burn out pretty quickly.
You couldn't stay inhabiting one for too long because it would end up self-destructing or something.
cprince  [開發人員] 2013 年 01 月 13 日 @ 下午 4 時 02 分 
That's what Droid Assault used to do but it's a bit too unfair and frustrating, especially now you can permanently buff droids. It's heartbreaking to lose a favourite.

Anyway the plan is to scale the chassis attrition constantly across all droids; that is, damage will be at a constant rate to all droids regardless of hitpoints. Probably this will be something like 64 pts or so.

The Super Health powerup will also become a little rarer.
sherfu_marcus 2013 年 01 月 15 日 @ 上午 9 時 35 分 
ooOo! that IS evil!
cprince  [開發人員] 2013 年 01 月 15 日 @ 上午 11 時 51 分 
I kept it at 100 pts but it will be reduced on any hit by 1pt, whether you take damage or not. So any droid you get - it's got 100 hits before it's knackered, from G101 to K999.

Super Repair frequency is now based on your squad's best droid. The better the droid, the less frequently they will be appearing.
sherfu_marcus 2013 年 01 月 16 日 @ 下午 12 時 34 分 
well well played sir! and we'll see just how well it plays!
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