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Отличное руководство
by dolci
GIVE MONEY give give give !!!! ...
How to get good at Hotline Miami
by Philosiraptor
This is the best guide you will ever read on how to become good at this game...
Easy methods of Point faming and getting A+
by xXx360NoSkillxXx (Lewis)
In this guide I wanna give you some advice how to get A+ ratings very easy...
How to UNLOCK the 'Achievement Whor e' achievement
by Dunmunll
This guide will help you unlock the achievement if it didn't unlock once you got all the other achievements....
Secret Achievements Part 1: Sewer Alligator
by Austintheape
This quick guide will show you how to get the secret, or, "hidden" achievement; "Sewer Alligator."...
Complete Always on Top Achievement Guide
by e3m88
Complete guide to the always on top achievement including locations on all unique weapons....
Spoiler-free Masks and Puzzle Pieces Locations
by Sata Leroer
A tentatively spoiler-free guide of the locations of the missable secret masks and puzzle pieces in chronological order....
Достижения\Achievements russian guide
by Tasatos
Как получить все достижения в Hotline Miami. Спойлеры внутри, будьте осторожны...
Kyur's Hotline Miami Guide
by Kyur
Allround guide covering achievements, masks, weapons, enemies, the puzzle and soundtrack....
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