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Secret Achievements: Smell Something Burning
A guide on how to achieve the Smell something burning achievement....
The connections between HM1 and the leaked footage of HM2
by Sherlock Homeless
This guide will contain my personal theories about certain characters in the HM2,not all of them though.For example:i think that the fans have not (yet) been properly introduced (story-wise).Of course this guide will update every time something about the ...
Secret Achievements Part 1: Sewer Alligator
by [YOGS] Austin"Beastmode"Ape
This quick guide will show you how to get the secret, or, "hidden" achievement; "Sewer Alligator."...
Complete Always on Top Achievement Guide
by e3m88
Complete guide to the always on top achievement including locations on all unique weapons....
Guia de Máscaras e Pedaços de Puzzle Sem Spoilers (PT-BR)
by Sata Leroer
Um guia que tenta dar o mínimo de spoiler possível revelando o local de cada máscara e pedaço de puzzle encontrado jogo em ordem cronológica. Guia em Português Brasileiro....
Hotline Miami story interpretation
by GHOSTゴースト
I just thought I'd make a guide like this since most of my friends didn't get the story of Hotline Miami....
Hotline Miami - Гайд по маскам
by _FOBOS_
Гайд по нахождению масок, и их особенностям....
Бета-версия и решение проблем русификации
by Tasatos
Установка официальной бета версии игры и решение проблем частичного перевода...
Достижения\Achievements russian guide
by Tasatos
Как получить все достижения в Hotline Miami. Спойлеры внутри, будьте осторожны...
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