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Como conseguir todas as máscaras (Português Brasileiro)
by Sergeant Leonardo
Guia completo em Português Brasileiro para conseguir todas as máscaras em Hotline Miami!...
ВидеоГайд по Ачивкам [RU] от A4ivar
by Griz
Каждому достижению соответствует видеоролик, всё коротко и понятно. Для людей которые ценят своё время....
Сюжет Hotline Miami
by Glenlight (RUS)
Запутанный и интересный сюжет (вернее сюжеты) во всех его тонкостях и подробностях. Концовки. Осторожно, спойлеры!...
by MrHumberto699
He recopilado la información de diferentes webs públicas. Espero que os sirva de ayuda....
How to unlock all masks. (+secret ending)
by lastmage.
How to unlock all masks in Hotline Miami ...
Бета-версия и решение проблем русификации
by Tasatos
Установка официальной бета версии игры и решение проблем частичного перевода...
Hotline Miami - Soundtrack
by Autobalance
Guide to the Hotline miami soundtrack contains every song of the game, in order for people that want to find the song of an specific chapter by using the guide index. ...
Just Plain Luck & Two Birds Achievement [EASY WAY]
by BeckySlut
This is the easiest way to gain the Plain Luck and Two Birds With One Stone Achievements ...
Complete Always on Top Achievement Guide
by e3m88
Complete guide to the always on top achievement including locations on all unique weapons....
Русские субтитры Hotline Miami
Официальная русификация игры....
Hotline Miami - Гайд по маскам
Гайд по нахождению масок, и их особенностям....
Easy methods of Point faming and getting A+
by LeBouncer
In this guide I wanna give you some advice how to get A+ ratings very easy...
Все маски(на русском)
by Earl V.Almazov
В этом руководстве рассказано о том как и где найти/получить все маски в Hotline Miami....
Always On Top Achievement Guide
by ᗪᗩᘉᓰᕮᒪ ᙡᗢᒪℱ™
This an achievement guide for "Always On Top" This is an achievement where you perform every ground execution in the game....
Mask and Puzzle Locations with Pictures
by enjoibuddy
I made this guide to help people get the best experience out of this amazing game. Shows you ways to get easy A+ and Xbox controller help with drivers links plus if you're having problems with the game it self I provided dennaton support Email. Most impor...
Достижения\Achievements russian guide
by Tasatos
Как получить все достижения в Hotline Miami. Спойлеры внутри, будьте осторожны...
What mask to use?
by [AF] Derynator
This guide is for people who don't know what mask to use for what they want to achieve. This guide is not about the best mask, but about the most appropriate one for your playstyle. [The mask that are not featured in this guide are not placeable in any of...
Spoiler-free Masks and Puzzle Pieces Locations
by Sata Leroer
A tentatively spoiler-free guide of the locations of the missable secret masks and puzzle pieces in chronological order....
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