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Dave 2012年11月26日 8時29分
How do I change masks?
Sorry, this is probably painfully obvious but I'm up to chapter eight and I still haven't worked out how to change my mask. Can anyone tell me how?
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Widders 2012年11月26日 8時39分 
When you get to your destination (the place where you start killing stuff) and get off your bike, a list appears of all the masks, starting off with the chicken, if you press "s" it will scroll down the masks if you've unlocked them, then you left click to choose the mask!

Hope this helps :)
Dave 2012年11月26日 8時45分 
Thanks a lot, that worked. Can't believe I missed that!
VamP 2012年11月26日 9時54分 
Starting a new level , S or W key to scroll down or up your masks dotation , then click the chosen one.
Veedash ツ ☻ 2012年11月26日 10時38分 
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