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CRUZ CTRL 2012年11月25日 9時55分
Hotline Miami not in a playable state.
I was able to play through the intro, but when I kill the first guy in Chapter 1, the game will freeze. Sometimes Chapter 1 is completely in slow motion. Sometmies even the menu screen is in slow motion.

Looking at the boards, I see that I'm not the only one with this problem.

For me, this game was not released in a playable state. I look forward to a fix!
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lemonpips 2012年11月25日 10時01分 
Mu 2012年11月26日 16時37分 
Do you guys play with the Steamworks activated? I saw the message saying some people had problem with it, and choose to turn off. Just beat the game, without any sort of problem. And I'm using a really crap PC and Windows XP.
lemonpips 2012年11月26日 18時53分 
I'm have tried with both steamworks enabled and disabled. And I don't believe the issues have anything to do with the quality of the pc.
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