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Sicona 2012年11月25日 9時04分
Glitch on Level 4
After clearing the first floor of level 4, when you walk up the stairs I get "stuck" in the area where the sprite for the stairs is on the first floor. It's kind of hard to explain in words, so here's some screencaps I also get that error about nonexistant layers occasionally, so maybe the issues are related.

I'm not sure of my exact specs, but i have an Asus t101mt netbook, windows 7 64bit, and 2gigs of ram.
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Gilben 2012年11月26日 12時37分 
I'm having this exact same issue. Anyone found a solution?
MacAero 2012年11月26日 14時41分 
I have the exact same issue with GOG version. Regardless the bug has been spotted and the devs have been working on a solution for some time now. Hopefully the patch will come out soon.
最近の変更はMacAeroが行いました; 2012年11月26日 14時42分
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