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croucha crouchin' thru 2012年11月15日 12時26分
How many hours have you put in? And what's your progress?
I'm at 38 hours. 97% achievements. Only one that's left is the glitched final achievement, for unlocking all other achievements. I'm still having a blast replaying this game even though I have done everything more than once. I don't think I will be truly done with it until they fix that achievement glitch... I want my 100%! I'm still not tired of the game. If doing a map editor for this game were possible, I could seriously see myself dropping over a hundred hours into this.
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Wish list fairy grant me games 2012年11月15日 14時53分 
32 hours, 94% achievements. I have A+ all chapters left, but I am gonna leave one chapter without the A+ until the last bugged achievement is patched. This game is so much fun I couldnt see myself getting bored of it ever!
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Lex_ 2012年11月16日 20時50分 
At 27 hours and 97% achievements done. Starting to get bored and I am not finding the game challenging anymore. I don't want to be bored of it as I love basking in its atmosphere and enjoy the split-second decision gameplay but now I've played all the chapters over and over I can breeze through them. Currently I am trying to artifically introduce more challenge by imposing restrictions such as using the Nigel (Bat) mask, killing only through drilling and trying for speedruns. Luckily creating maps seems to be perfectly possible as some guy made a thread about it and put a video up of his new map.

What I'd love to see is some survival/endless gamemode. One level, enemies constantly enter through extenal doors, weapons respawn periodically. Survive for as long as possible and get the best possible score.

Or a gamemode where instead of playing a level then moving on to the next, the next section entry takes you to a random level selected from all possible levels. The levels that are encountered in this gamemode would have randomly located and spawned enemies (within reason) to keep it fresh and stop the player from being able to predict the entire level.
熊猫 (蛮横的肌肉在身) 2012年11月16日 21時06分 
19hours i got 34 achievements,one left
boringprophet 2012年11月20日 14時45分 
7 hours, still on stage 4. Thanks Dennation.
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